Energy Meditations. Tapping into the path of inner LIGHT.

northern lights, mix of green and gold in the sky. Light energy in natures spectacular display.

The lamps are all different but the Light is the same. One matter, one Energy, one Light, one Light-minded endlessly emanating all things.


When we feel tired and burnt out, we notice our energy is low. When we walk, run, swim, cycle or ski, we notice our vitality and the inner light that surges throughout our body as we move. But when we are in meditation, if we tap into the path of inner light, we can feel the energy constantly flowing. We can sense where it is blocked, how it moves and we can become more acutely aware of our own energy. Just by sitting still or through repetitive movements, we are putting our meditative finger on the pulse of the being-ness. We are accessing the divine path of inner light.

Learning how to become more sensitive to energy is critical for discerning what energies belong to you and what energies we might have absorbed. This is important especially if we are in contact with others who are under a lot of stress, emotionally out of balance or when we are immersed in high-stress environments. Energy meditations are a healthy defence against being over-run with negative energy or becoming knocked off balance by energies that don’t belong to us. Find your centre. Find point of inner balance. Rest in your place of inner peace, regardless of conditions.

Awareness of Energy.

Better to illuminate than to merely shine.

Thomas Aquinas

An earlier article on Listening to energy might be useful for anyone who wants to learn more about energy sensitivity and how it can become an advantage. In fact, it’s a great survival skill. Energy awareness, separating out what doesn’t belong to you and what you can do to “re-set your own energy” is discussed here.

An example of energy awareness would be walking into a room and instantly knowing someone is very upset. The emotional weather has changed here and so has the energy. Before you entered the room you were feeling uplifted, joyful and in a happy mood. Then all of a sudden, you noticed yourself feeling “shutdown”. This change in energy is because you merged with it and took on that “feeling”. More than this, you adsorbed this emotional weather and empathized with it energetically. But in doing that, you lost your point of power, your place of peace. That happy state, smudged by walking into a wall of highly charged energy of sadness.

But what if you know how to clear your energy? Instead of becoming sad, you are able to let this energy flow through you without changing your mindset. You stay present and observe them and the emotional display with a neutral feeling. There is no attachment to this energy and, as a result, are not lead to believe you are in a negative mind-space. Someone or something has taken place to change the energy. It is up to your own awareness and being present to become more solid in who you are and more empowered by your thoughts and emotions. Knowing that there is a separation between you and that negative energy is needed. Despite it swirling around you. You don’t have to accept it and absorb it to be accepted or offer comfort to someone in distress.

Shifting energy with Breath.

Moving and releasing energy with your own breath is an adaptive tool to heal and clear energy.

Start by closing your eyes. Breathe in slowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Tune into your own energy field. Sense how you are feeling in the moment. Tired? Good energy? Feeling pulled to do or be somewhere else, easily distracted?

Imagine energy running down your body from the top of your head and out through the bottom of your feet. Extend that energy down into the Earth, like roots of a tree. Next, imagine a ball of light over your head, let that light move down from the top of your head toward your feet and as it does, imagine it sweeping away any energy that doesn’t belong to you and see it seep into the ground. Continue to Breathe in slowly and exhale slowly as this energy is being swept away.

Now bring your awareness back to your own energy field. Can you feel a shift?

When you first start doing this, you might not notice anything. But your mind might be sharper from basic breath work. Over time you will become more in tune with your own energy, and the energy emitted from other people and better equipped to shield and clear yourself from disruptive energies.

Imagination and Moving Energy.

Your imagination is a powerful companion for integrating energy into your meditations. Thoughts have energy and in the quantum space your imagination IS a creative energy.

When you imagine light sweeping through your body, at first, it might seem impossible to see. But closing your eyes and feeling a shift in the flow of energy paints a picture inside your own mind. This can be used as a guide for visualization or for improving your sensitivity to energy. Learning how to notice energy can be the building block for learning visualization. Or if you are able to easily see images inside your mind, these can be used to fine tune your sensitivity to energy. Either direction will work.

Chakras and Activating Energy.

Each chakra is an energy centre. Each can be fine tuned with sound, light, colour and moving your energy with light.

“Energize your body with colour visualizations. Integrate them with your meditation sessions to recharge and balance your energy. This in an incredible tool especially if you are recovering from a strenuous workout or if you are just flat out exhausted and need to find a way to revive your energy.”

Path of Light.

Moving inward toward the divine path of light is a meeting with the soul. It connects you with your life purpose and keeps you on course to completion. Not convinced? Look at your life and see key incidents that are engraved in your memory. You will find many indicators of that purpose. Everything from life lessons to where and how we live and the people we have connected to and what inspires us.

Inspired “in spirit” is a link to your path and purpose. What activates our creative juices and curiosity is an invitation from the soul to investigate the path of joy.

Follow your bliss.

-Joseph Campbell


Prayer and Inner Light.

Prayer is communion with divine energy and Divine light. Allowing yourself to receive guidance and listen inward, it is possible to adsorb more Light. And become energized, restored and clear of any negative resistance and energy. As you connect daily in prayer, your inner light will grow in strength and luminosity. Extending outwards, the light protects, and glows in your Faith.

Connect daily. It is the place of peace, Love and Light.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Psalm 119:105

While each person will have their own unique connection with God, Universal energies, it is possible to appreciate that the inner path of light is a path of self-discovery. It is the path of the soul. Meditation is a personal way to tap into this light and listen deeply to the soul. Wisdom, inner guidance and states of inner peace are essential for staying balanced in a world that challenges you to be otherwise.


May this week and New Year be filled with Light, Peace, Perfect Health and great Happiness.



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