The language of Compassionate Love.

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World peace must develop from inner peace. Peace is not mere absence of violence. Peace is, I think the manifestation of human compassion.

– Dalai Lama

Is compassion something we offer or is it really an energy state we embody? I see it as two distinct , yet overlapping, states of being that are an expression of higher consciousness. When we are willing to step into a calm and peaceful state and observe without judgement, it is possible to discern “THE STRUGGLE” of others. And, see our own.

Love of self and others, requires a detachment and a sense of compassion. We can offer our thoughts, but the greatest gift you can give others is your own inner peace.

Compassionate Love and Inner Peace.

If Love is the strongest force, then inner peace is its love child of divine light. We are moving forward learning to embrace the divinity of others on another level. You could call this compassionate love. Or, you could say we are being called and sometimes forced to recognize, both the good and the negative, and reach a place of compassionate understanding.

This is what is so incredible about meditation practice. It allows you to dial down the mental chatter enough to get a new perspective on conditions and your behaviour in them. And, perhaps, reach a new inner “alignment” about patterns that aren’t serving you. This makes healthy decisions obvious. And, destructive habits and people who aren’t supporting you, more clear. And, stepping away from them, a compassionate act of self-love.

How you feel when others are in their anger is a choice. It is about not accepting the “gift” of their negative energy. This is a Buddhist philosophy and a peace-oriented practice.

Global understanding of a challenge has brought humanity together in spirit. It is because of our common obstacles that we have reached inside a little more deeply to find compassion. We have become closer as a global family. And, more than ever, we realize the need for kindness and each other.

Listen inward to find the path of inner peace. Be open to infusing more divine light and love into your meditation practice and sending out a loving energy to raise up others. If you can find a place for gratitude and prayer in your life, you will also create more space for inner peace. And, more compassionate, heart-centred mindfulness that will bring more clarity into your day.

Finding divine spaces.

When we sit in silence, watch the birds, sit near trees and feel the wind on our face, we are in a divine space. Anywhere that brings you happiness is a divine space. Sitting in your own energy, feeling how you are in the moment, is a divine space. We can choose to be in this energy or become so swept up in activities that we miss this opportunity to be more present and expand the experience of being alive.

Choose to tap into your divine space more often. It will help you find inner peace when things are chaotic around you and it can open your own heart to loving yourself more deeply, with compassion.

Mindfulness of the Heart.

Mindfulness is so many expressions of being present. It is also about being aware and sensitive to your own heart, what you feel about something and how that draws your attention to certain events, people and things. When we are stepping toward and into states of inner peace, we are following our heart, letting thoughts flow through us and observing them without emotional attachment.

Love expands here. Light grows. Many doorways to inner peace fly open and reveal incredible insights and paths to happiness. Yes, follow your bliss.

heart presence, how to discover this type of mindfulness.
Presence of Heart: How to discover heart-centred mindfulness

Peaceful Warriors.

Being peaceful in a world of opposing forces brings the energy of opposition to your doorstep. Without saying anything, doing anything or being more than who you are, it is possible to compassionately understand the energies of others who are “out of balance”. For you, the most powerful thing you can do is to find your own doorway to inner peace. Spend time here every day. Turn off negative news, turn your attention to prayer and happiness. Your inner light will expand and will light the way forward with divine guidance.

Have Faith. These are the two most powerful words you can focus on.

Faith. The assured expectation of things hoped for.

-Hebrews 11:1

A new doorway to Inner Peace.

“Allowing yourself to just “BE” is the new doorway to discovering inner peace. Acceptance, free from the doubts and judgements of others and even, the self. Your own supreme being sits patiently waiting for the distractions and the nervousness to subside, just enough to let us feel the energy waves ebb and flow. As we settle into the moment, we connect with ourselves more deeply. Here it is possible to know and experience more inner peace.”

-Sandra Stoodley [excerpt from article: New Doorways to Inner Peace]

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and a peaceful and bright New Year.


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