Running inside your own mind? Race to Victory with Attention.

running in your own mind. Long distance runner. Incredible scenerry.

Runners, take your places!

Recovery, tying a shoelace and preparing to run.

It’s human nature to immerse yourself in your own inner universe. Thoughts and a busy mind draw off energy and turn the dial on focus. It is easy to get lost in an idea just as it is easy to get lost and be scattered and viciously pulled by events, emotions and indecision. It is part of what frees us, makes us run and what can bind us to nothingness and a lack of motivation.

So how can we break through the brain fog and the distraction?

Try using Intention and Attention to break through the stronghold of distraction sickness.

Running a new Race.

Intention changes the race to a victory.

Intention, what is that really? Does having a desire to be more calm, enable you to be more calm? Or does having the decision maker inside your mind use its own wisdom to see a victory and stand in that feeling and energy instead of fighting against a bad habit? I see it as the latter.

Avoid wasting more time and energy with debating the conditions and conditioning that are holding you back. Step up and into a new state of being. See yourself calm, focused and more able to navigate through stressful situations. Speak up when you need to. Set boundaries with toxic people and habits. Limit your exposure to things that can pull you into hours of “entertainment stress-relief sessions”.

If you have the intention to accelerate your progress as a meditator, test out more experiences and methods to find the ones that work for you. Nature therapy, which floods this website, can bring inner peace if you let it touch your heart and soul. It has brought me out of fear and into an accelerated healing space. It has moved the needle of personal limits and shifted my concentration, even, as I have gotten older.

Step into the place you wish to be and, see yourself transform your state and your reality.

Attention-how quickly can you turn the dial to what you want?

Forget about what others might tell you about paying attention. Consider taking your focus to another level and think of it as both the reward and the not so positive objective of that which wants to control you. Think of the energy tug of war as spiritual warfare. There are positives but also a lot of negative energy grabs in media, social networks and through events around us. The world seems to be rapidly changing its language and energy. But that doesn’t mean you have to take the bait and forget you can shift the dial to what you want to listen to whenever you want.

This is where becoming more present makes a difference. Appreciate what is. Be grateful. Focus on beauty. Nature. Happiness. Health. Prosperity. And, you will get more evidence of it and bring more of these things to celebrate into your life. This is the reward of attention.

Even if your attention span is short, understand that it is possible to take those short blasts of information we are trained to receive and start to offer short blasts of information that are healing, positive and more empowering.

What has been meant to cause indecisiveness, “stunned” minds and hopelessness can be broken instantly with choosing to change the dial. Meditation is short bursts can give your busy mind a break and allow it to pause, listen and look at your inner thoughts on another level.

Deep relaxation is an interesting way to enter into a more powerful and focused state. If you have avoided deep relaxation because you think you might fall asleep or feel wiped out after it, think again. Short sessions that engage your inner vision are empowering and can actually energize. They strengthen your attention muscles. And, help you free yourself from dark thoughts and indecisiveness.

Short bursts. Breaking free from strongholds of distraction.

There are only two days in a year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow. Today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly, live.

-Dalai Lama

Imagine a camera lens opening to allow light. And, that the light that enters is what creates the picture. Changing the speed of the snapshot alters the images that are created. And, opening or narrowing the aperture size alters focal points.

Your mind is like a camera. Shifting its focus with attention. Move from allowing external snapshots to change what you focus on. Move inward, narrow your focal point and move the attention needle in your desired direction.

Short bursts of attention with intention are enough to break through and shift out of a bad mindset. Fifteen seconds. One minute. Just keep doing this and in time, you will break through what might feel like impossible and insurmountable strongholds of distraction.

Being able to move away from or deflect “interference” frees up energy you can use to focus on what you desire. It is a necessary skill for everyone to learn. This isn’t about dwelling on distractions and dissecting bad habits to heal them. This is about another level of understanding about attention and noticing that attention is being “energetically siphoned” by subliminal advertising, social media, emails etc that are being served as harmless forms of entertainment. This is spiritual warfare that is being engaged full-out to stop you from completing what you are here to complete. Think about it and give yourself the chance to re-set your mental space.

While not everyone will be able to sit still long enough to meditate and relax, there are many methods that can be used to get incredible results. Moving meditations and breath work as well as using eyes opened visual meditations [stealth mode] to reduce stress are brilliant and adaptive to deep relaxation techniques.

Regardless of where you are as a meditator, it is possible to accelerate and sharpen your focus with shorter meditation sessions. There’s no need to run away from thoughts, or distract yourself from discovering your own inner peace and power. Rather, meditation is an opportunity to free yourself, one short burst of attention at a time.

Energy flows where attention goes.

Michael Beckwith

Have a week full of victories and breakthroughs.

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