Divine space of the “Now” and Zero point energy.

Is the point of creation really – ZERO?

Quantum physics might tell a story of zero point energy as only existing in a vacuum. But I challenge you to imagine the divine space of now. This too, begins in nothingness and creates everything from it. Physicists like cosmologist Prof. Steven Hawking once wrote that “the actual point of creation lies outside the scope of presently known laws of physics.” Even Hawking agreed that there is an unexplained element to creation from the point of zero. Because, at some point things begin to exhibit vibration, or energy and no one can explain why.

This is where the divine moment, the NOW holds its power and its mystery. For when nothing exists or it seems as if nothing has been created, this state also emerges from the energy of now and from zero. It is just as powerful as the creation of something. Each, has its origin from the divine source and taps into the universal energies that hold the genius codes to create something significant through us.

The quantum fluctuations within the point of zero field can start the process that builds the process, which builds into matter, an irreversible process.

-Edgar Mitchell, astronaut


Visiting the divine NOW.

Meditation is an invitation to have a conversation with your wise inner counsel. Sitting in the presence of God opens the door to the unexpected, to the creative genius, to the ideas and the realization that two totally unrelated ideas are brilliantly linked by divine inspiration. In the divine now, we are open to our intuitive insights, our superconscious mind which taps into a bigger field of experience than what our conscious awareness can figure out.

But is this divine now limited by our beliefs in what is possible? I think it is.

You’ll see it when you believe it.

-Wayne Dyer

Some might tell you that emotion and thoughts are linked to the past. And, that this implies that being in the moment requires you to sit without emotion or thought. But how one feels in the moment, creates new memories and can rewrite our thinking about that experience. But does that still mean that this experience is still a point of zero? Or, are we wobbling with energy and moving into another point of reality?

The zero point field contains the blueprint of our existence. Everything and everyone is connected to this field in which all information for all time is said to be stored. Ultimately, everything, from man to matter, can be traced back to a collection of electrical charges that are continually in contact with the endless sea of energy. Our interaction with this field determines who we are, who we will become and have been.

-Lynne McTaggart

The Field is the Alpha and the Omega of our Existence.

Explaining a void.

Isn’t Zero after all just a mathematics placeholder?

Zero is used for the convenience of counting things and explaining or including {emptiness} by placing that zero or nothingness in a box. But when we consider zero point energy and how nothingness cannot escape the phenomenon of “unexplained vibration”, it makes sense to realize that zero point is a possibly a placeholder until it can be defined differently or a new discovery of how the quantum field works becomes understood.

We already know that it is possible to change reality by your point of observation. Being an observer and being present in the moment shifts everything. It appears to awaken the energy in something to make it appear visible or present to us. This was demonstrated in a double-slit physics experiment by Thomas Young in 1803 where photon behaviour was proven to be influenced by observation. This was further supported by “Broglie-Bohm theory, which says that reality is both wave and particle.” See Scientific American article about what does quantum physics tell us about reality.

In my last blog I talked about reality transurfing. This is a term Vadim Zeland used in his book Reality Transurfing. I-IV to describe the ability to move between different realities or time lines. It places the power and the quantum energy in the hands of the observer. What you place your attention on, you are free to create.

reality surfing. Image of surfer walking in sunset.
Surf’s up! Reality Surfing. Transform your meditation practice.

I found a statement in an article in Forbes magazine about Einstein. This is an interesting example about reality creation from a scientist and as an energy perspective.

According to Einstein, the curvature of space determines the future behaviour of matter and energy in the Universe, and the presence of matter and energy determines the curvature of space. forbes

This changes your placement in the NOW and skill as an observer doesn’t it?

Amplifying the power of the Now.

The place of creation begins in the moment. Here we are powerfully present and capable of creating something that we direct our attention to. Learning to focus is the most powerful skill you can learn. Because, it allows you to concentrate your energy on what you want to create more of in your reality.

Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer. Be enveloped by what you desire that your gladness be in it.

Excerpt and Quote from an Ancient Aramaic Bible re: The Power of Prayer
Gregg Braden’s The Power of Prayer video.

Divine placement.

Divine placement is about being in the right place at the right time. Staying open to the flow of events and being guided by your intuitive self rather than your past, limited beliefs or patterns.

If we choose to be present in the now in meditation, we connect to the divine and open the gates to our intuitive voice. Maybe for us, this is our zero point state?

I believe meditation is where we can collapse time and move into direct alignment with our God consciousness. I could, argue that this is our zero point. The place of peace. And, a place we can re-calibrate old patterns, hurts and eliminate limiting beliefs.

It’s not matter that creates the illusion of consciousness. It is consciousness that creates the illusion of matter.

Bernard Haisch

Deep relaxation and sharpening focus.

It is often thought that deep relaxation takes a long time to realize its effects. But, learning how to relax and re-set your body and mind quickly can be achieved in short focused sessions. It is possible to use your breath, your inner vision and even, memories of events to break through a “locked” state of stress or anxiety.

When you open your mind to the possibility of creating sharper focus from deep relaxation, it can soothe mind chatter and sometimes, mend psychological wounds. But this doesn’t require a special requirement or pre-set mindset. There is no need to take away your freedom and personal expression to become relaxed into the Now.

Allowing yourself to step into the moment and experience it, only in the way that you personally can, elevates the experience. It matters. Being is about being you. No one else.

I love science. But my devotion is to the divine. What that means to me might not be the same to you. That’s perfect. We are all here for an important reason. Find your most comfortable way to be in the Now. Find your power. Find your path.

Meditation is meant to be personal and healing. Short bursts of experience allow you to create something from these sessions that suit you. Over time, you will become more closely connected to your own present moment. It is a personal connection, and one waiting for you to knock on the door of your own mind to enter.

Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you. …

-Matthew 7:7

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Does this meditation style work for you?

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