Reality surfing? Transform your reality with simple meditation practices.

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Have you ever found yourself hearing several voices talk about the same topic, all in the space of a week? It tells me that the world is an interesting place where the spark of an idea can ignite many people in curious ways.

I first heard of reality Transurfing through one Youtube post by Quazi Johir. I have placed a link if you would like to expand and learn about how to control your attention. This lead me to explore a brilliant book, Reality Transurfing Steps I-IV by Vadim Zeland and then an audio book , Parallel Universes of the Self by Frederick Dodson. Each one offers a different voice on reality surfing and experience. Explore the quantum land of reality Transurfing. It will change the way you define the moment and sit in meditation. If we are reality creators, choose the best reality possible! and Dive in.

This article explores reality Transurfing and how meditation practice is a perfect place to sit and imagine and create a transformed reality. All you need is an imagination and the desire to relax into a new experience, a new timeline and a new place of being.

Why surf reality?

surfer in turbulent waves

If you knew that it is possible to create a life you love, would you look at different ways to create it?

And, would it surprise you to realize that what you focus on, what you give your attention to energizes that pathway or timeline? Could it be that being undisciplined, for instance, in how you manage your attention, shifts what direction or lack thereof you end up on?

There are techniques that you can learn to increase your ability to be totally present in your body, to focus your attention and to become intentional in how you interpret events.

Russian quantum physicist Vadim Zeland developed a method of viewing events that happen in our lives and how they occur. He called it reality Transurfing. This book is rich in science and in perspectives that will ignite your curiosity. And, it will shift your understanding of being present, how your attention places you on a time line and how essential it is to learn how to become more focused.

Zeland also brings to our attention how we are enticed by conditions and our imagination to create new things. Even, how we can shift our own reality. This might seem far fetched, too fantastic, but physicists are becoming more aware of the quantum field and how it can separate things into both a particle and a wave. Each, perception and observation of a thing offers a different outcome, a new result depending on how we observe it. By making a choice, we are creating that perceived outcome.

Scientific exploration of the nature of the universe, the cosmos and how we interact with the quantum field, has shifted our vision of possibilities. No longer bound by old laws, we are breaking through time lines, parallel universes and engineering our own energy and experience with reality Transurfing.

There are many voices that will offer their guidance and perspective on how any outcome can be achieved. But you, my friend, know what you love and what makes you happy. This is the true driving force for your choice and how you want to approach it. Your vision of your best you and your best life will not be the same as everyone else’s. And, that what makes this experience and reality surfing experiment so interesting. It holds the promise of becoming more focused, intentional and powerful as a creator. And, the best version of you.


Do not think about the problem; act, create momentum, irrespective of how things might turn out, and then the problem will be resolved in the process.”

-Vadim Zeland


When you battle for something it is like you are trying to push your realization into the alternatives space, whereas when you choose something the space comes to you.”

― Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing Steps I-V

The Observation deck.

“The objective observer always has the advantage over a direct participant.”

― Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing Steps I-V

One of the most powerful places to observe reality is through observation. And what better place to be “on deck” that being in a state of meditation. Here we are able to relax and be more present in our bodies.

From this place of deep relaxation, ideas flow to us and the nature of what we perceive in those ideas and thoughts is a place of creation, reality creation. Even if we are being entertained by imagination, this still is a force of “discernment” that can be used to create a new life, a new reality, to solve problems or to invent new ways of being and doing things.

Einstein’s thought experiments, now over a hundred years old, created GPS technology. Images of himself flying through space in an open elevator solved a time-space equation. It was the springboard for a new reality.

The same ability to focus and observe is possible through deep relaxation. Basic relaxation techniques can be used in meditation to open your mind to expand its perception and to observe. Deep relaxation moves beyond taking deep breaths. And regardless of what others tell you, it can be both created through being still or through repetitive movements.

Quantum field and stepping into another reality.

If everything is energy, then through energizing thoughts or focused observation, it is possible to create a reality you can step into. Visualization techniques gloss over the idea that through seeing the outcome clearly, it is possible that that reality already exists. All you need to do is to experience the feeling of the “wish fulfilled” [ as Neville Goddard describes it] to give it more momentum.

Presence of being another you.

It is one thing to think of a reality you wish to create and another to experience what that feels like as if it were present. This is where meditation and science meet with Einstein’s thought experiments. Use your imagination and ability to visualize to place you for a moment in a snapshot of a desired reality. Then, feel how you would imagine yourself being and feeling as if you are already there.

This might seem ridiculous to anyone who is stuck in their current conditions. They might not be able to fathom that they are a creative participant in that life on an energetic and quantum level. So, that it might also seem impossible to break free from that reality into something that is very different or something that appears to be a polar opposite. Because they notice the pressure of present conditions, they might feel a lot of resistance in making an attempt to visualize something better for themselves. This is in part because they have lost strength through wavering and shifting their attention more strongly toward the present.

If all conditions rely on both your attention and your perception. Your point of power comes from what you choose to notice and how you interpret those events. If you focus on angry people, negative events and news you will notice more people who are angry and see the world as a hostile place. If you focus on happiness, peace and well-being, that experience will also expand. You will see more evidence of that reality. Seeing someone angry becomes an exercise in “energy”. You don’t have to accept their anger energy or take it on as your reality. Just walk away.

It is possible to influence your state and where you are placing your attention on by meditation and becoming more present and focused.

Surf’s up. Meditation practices to dive into the new reality.

  • Grounding practice. Learning to be more present and in your body.
  • Energy meditations.
  • High performance states and breath work.
  • Mindfulness and meditation.
  • Visualization and “thought experiments”.

Throughout this blog are articles dotted to give you a sense of expanded thinking on simple ideas and techniques. Everything, no matter how simple it appears, can be powerfully used to shift your focus, gain mastery over mind chatter and in some cases, remedy old psychological wounds.

Becoming more focused and in command of your present moment is one core meditation skill that has a profound impact on your well-being-ness and even, how you surf reality.

Breathing into Deep relaxation.

Learning the basics of deep relaxation often starts with breathing techniques. It is easy and shifts your state quickly.

Pay attention to the flow of air in and out of your body. This can be done by counting breaths in and out or covering one side of your nostril with a finger, breathing in and out and switching sides. You can be standing, sitting or laying down.

Body Awareness Meditations.

Being aware of your body, small aches and pains and your energy levels is important for pulling you into the present moment. What do you notice? Tighten muscles and relax from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. Do you notice how some areas are tighter and you are less able to relax, completely? As soon as you focus on stretching out and relaxing completely, the release into the present moment becomes more powerful.

Mindfulness practices.

Presence can be divided into two parts. Physical presence and the presence of heart. I have attached a link to an earlier article in heart mindfulness exercises.

heart presence, how to discover this type of mindfulness.
Heart Mindfulness article

What this means is that being present asks you to ask your heart the same questions, What would you love to do? And, are you in that reality now? What would that feel like, being there? It is from this place of “heart” you can create a reality you will definitely love.

Imagine many time lines of infinite possibility running side by side. Each one, holds a stream of events and probabilities and brilliant outcomes. If an explorer chooses a line that he doesn’t like, it is possible to change it. Especially, if the events are perceived as neither good or bad, but as something that can act to catalyze a positive transformation in you, the creator, to create something better. 

Meditation can be a powerful place to learn to observe and perceive your own reality. Whether you choose to learn to surf or not, you are positively transforming your well-being by learning basic meditation techniques. Mindfulness, Heart presence, Breathing techniques and many others can shift our awareness, enable you to become more present and focused. Tools, essential to surf or just stand powerfully in who you are. A win-win.


Have a brilliant week surfers.









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