Gratitude Meditations and The Energy of Faith.

gratitude is like a clear lake

Stepping into the moment is a gift. It is something we can be grateful for and in its own way, becomes part of faith. Because, we can recognize that when we are thankful we are in the same instant, stepping into our divine “garments”. This a powerful place of observation. It is the place of discernment, intuition and divine guidance.

Both gratitude and faith can energetically exist together when we choose to be fully present , grateful and open to the energy moving through us.

Appreciation for all possibilities.

sunrise. Gratitude prayers
Morning sunrise.

Gratitude elevates your day.

Gratitude is more than just appreciating something for what it is. Grateful hearts change the way they engage with others and what they do during the day. It elevates the experience of being alive, in the here and now. It expands how we feel about things. Focus on them and allow that feeling to elevate you. Find passion in what you are here to do and why. Just practicing gratitude every morning will set the pace for the day and imprint this into your energy field. Soak up the emotions of the presence in the present. The happiness and contentment of what is. Here, you can create more of what you choose to focus on.

Once we connect to our expanded feeling of being alive, we can accept all possibilities and open ourselves to more of them.

Choosing to focus on something can imprint it into existence. If we focus on negative events and our flaws, we will see more evidence of life being negative and those flaws magnified. If we choose to look at the positive influences on our lives through gratitude for instance, it is possible to create more evidence and conditions to be grateful for. Focus and your attention, hold the potential to change your circumstances. This means your inner reality, how you feel and think are being influenced by your observation. Explore meditation and hone your skills, especially, sharpening your ability to focus. This and faith, makes all things are possible.

What if you are experiencing or sensing a change?

Shifting from one powerful state of being to another version of you, Version 2.0 also requires faith and gratitude. Even though you might have a vision of where you are wanting to go and what you are wanting to become, this means allowing conditions and appreciating what you have right now. Love where you are. And, feel the energy of gratitude and faith. The two are partners in your healing, your life’s mission and in your ability to achieve your goals.

Energy Medicine for the body.

Gratitude and faith are energy medicine for the body. Gratitude energy oscillates at 540 MHZ, the same frequency as Love. This is one of the most powerful frequencies that can heal, transform and elevate. Love and gratitude imbue the body with energy. It re-calibrates the body and transforms the mind and allows you to reconnect with your own inner being, your soul.

In an article in Forbes, Amy Morin [psychotherapist] describes the benefits of gratitude.

Scientifically proven health benefits of gratitude practices. Here are a few of those listed.

  • heals the body
  • improves sleep
  • improves relationships
  • reduces aggression, anger
  • improves self esteem
  • improves psychological health, resilience

Faith is an energy force.

Faith is also energy. It is a force unto itself. Faith is a state of believing in something that is not physically there, yet, but will come to pass. It changes our focus and dials us into a God channel, if you will. Use your heart to dial into the moment. Find your faith and your gratitude. It will shift your scattered mind into another place that is more centred and calm. Here we are able to sharpen our antennae to intuitive messages, divine guidance and begin to notice the importance of a series of events and synchronicity.

The energy of gratitude can heal us. The energy of faith can guide us to choose more powerfully. Both are needed to move forward with positive intention and make a difference.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the staircase.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Non-attachment , an act of FAITH.

It’s not impermanence that makes us suffer, What makes us suffer is wanting to make everything permanent when they are not.

Thich Naht Hanh

Letting go of attachment to an outcome sets us free from wasting energy overthinking, stalling, procrastinating. It is an act of faith. See things as either blessings or blessings in disguise places us back into the driver’s seat. Re-visit your intention. Deliverance from obstacles and situations that are there to learn and to be used toward your benefit might not happen until you learn them. But your desire to create impact will give you the tenacity and the resolve to move through them and make better choices.

The idea that the only thing that is permanent is change opens the mind and the heart to being grateful for what exists, NOW. The circle is complete with faith, allowing everything to unfold even when there is no clear indication of the next step.

Inner peace and Intuition.

Lotus in a pond. Meditation serenity.

Does meditation open you up to more inner peace with gratitude or with the intention of faith?

Meditation can help you to sharpen your inner listening skills and teaches you to trust your own intuition and divine guidance. It is knowing and recognizing a distinct feeling you have in your body when the answer is NO or the answer if YES to your questions or becoming adept at listening inward for clarity and insight. Whether your meditation is focused on gratitude and appreciation or if there is a space made to listen for divine guidance and connect to your God-particle self, meditation practices can create the window of opportunity for inner peace. Neither path is better than the other. What matters is taking the time, no matter how small, to connect to that inner silence.

Meditation is a place where you meet yourself in a silent, peaceful moment. We are often beings that are so captured with daily tasks that there aren’t many opportunities or much time to connect to our inner selves. But a sliver of a moment, just a few minutes is enough to give us insight. Meditation and the discipline of being able to tune in and focus is an essential empowerment tool we need to develop to become more resilient and open to “the adventure” being offered to us.

Gratitude and faith might seem to run parallel to one another. But each needs the other to become courageously present, fully in the moment. Meditation is your place of empowerment, your place of receiving divine guidance and intuition. Your place to create inner balance. Your place to choose what you want to focus on. Your place of freedom.

May this week be filled with blessings.

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