Shifting into a New Consciousness.

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If you follow your heart, it will become clear what courage is. “On the inside, we come to know who and what and how we love and what we can do to deepen that love, only by looking back, does it look like courage.” David Whyte

I agree with Whyte. Shifting your consciousness to a new one is about your own “coeur” or heart in French. Courage is really a discovery that your heart , not fear, will guide you to live courageously on an entirely new level. Shifting is unique to who we are. Your path and mine are different. But we are both living and expanding that experience, everyday.

It might be the simplest of things, that for a split second, brings us immense happiness. These might surprise and surpass our understanding. Could it be that all along, inner peace is about your heart? Let your heart rule your head for awhile. It will offer you a new perspective, a new way of being, and perhaps, another doorway into a new consciousness with more possibility.

Be an artist of consciousness. Your picture of reality is your most important creation. Make it powerfully and profoundly beautiful.

Alex Gray

Snapshots of the shift.

These moments of happiness, expanded living, are snapshots, in my opinion, of a shifting consciousness and a new discovery of our divine path. I call it divine for there is nothing that can match our faith, our own instincts and the pull to be who we are meant to be. If the past year has taught us anything , it is to LIVE more and expand the experience of being free, happy, connected and making a difference.

Many of us are noticing a “shift” in priorities and are sitting more in appreciation and in gratitude for small things. What was thought as a setback has inspired community and global expansion of networks. Closer and yet far apart, we are moving into a new global world consciousness. Old fear-based thinking is falling away. Brilliant ideas and solutions are rising up, being accelerated and tested.

Higher realms of light, divine connection.

Another sign of moving into a new consciousness is a stronger, personalized, divine connection. Meditation can be a direct pipeline to inner guidance and divine advice. With stillness and even, with repetitive movement, we begin to hear more clearly and are inspired by thoughts, ideas and solutions that seem to come from out of nowhere. But if you are looking at this in quantum physics terms, this energetic connection is between us and everything else. We are just in receiver mode, dialing into what is already there. Oneness.

Activation of our DNA.

There are many who believe that through this planetary shift in consciousness, the intensity of solar energy reaching the planet has also increased, activating dormant remnants of our DNA. We are upgrading our physiology, our capabilities, our intelligence and our master plan for longevity.

Fatigue, changes in diet toward more plant based foods and complete revision of habits and lifestyle are common in symptoms that are talked about online. But, what about being able to dive easier and more quickly into deeper states such as theta? Or, becoming sharper, more focused and able to use intuition to make better decisions? As we work on integrating a higher realm of energy, we begin to transform and progressively tap into new levels of awareness and consciousness. Everything is shifting, including our possibilities.

Meditation and consciousness shifts.

Meditation in short doses can still be a way-shower. Simple breathing techniques throughout the day can be used to enable us to shift our stress levels and our consciousness. Light meditations are both energetic connectors and facilitators in our upgrade in consciousness. Either in deep states of relaxation or through our sleep, it is possible to accelerate our growth and lift our energies to meet new levels of “universal” information.

Peeling back reality. Observer and participant.

How we look at the world changes when we open ourselves to observing rather than actively responding. The story unfolds before us without a backstory or expectation of an outcome. We notice things differently and can find solutions to problems that never would have occurred to us before. It’s like peeling back reality. The observer and perception of reality places two worlds side by side. Yet when we choose to experiment, Schrodinger suggests that consciousness is a singularity. We are One and interconnected by energy.

The total number of minds in the universe is one. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings.” Edwin Schrodinger

Connecting with Prayer.

It is also possible to expand your understanding of consciousness through your faith and prayer. Science has its “singularity” perspective. But, you can also live in God’s universe of Oneness, a divine template that interconnects all of us and yet, recognizes that each of us with our own unique purpose.

Are we One mind or many linked by the One? Science has not being able to “measure” consciousness. The thoughts of God may elude physicists but the heart is an intelligent receiver of inspiration and divine guidance. It surpasses all understanding. It creates a coherence that no one can deny and inner peace and a sense of stability regardless of conditions. Perhaps, shifting consciousness is really about the heart. Listening to it. Following its lead. Choosing what we love.

Have an amazing week!

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