Can you Level up? Flow states and Shifting Energy.

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There is a perception that energy declines as we age and the capacity to heal and transform also declines. What if there was a new level of perception that you can use to transform your energy?

Much of our experience is inspired by the past and and what we have learned about energy. But beyond it, there exists another level of energy that allows you to shift positively. Sometimes this energy is outside of our current perception or can be blocked because of belief. To realize how this works and appreciate flow states, the most interesting way to experience the acceleration of abilities and energy is to test them. Regardless, of age, gender, where you live or your choice of diet. Here are some thoughts on how you can test this and change your perception of energy.

Connection to Divine Energy, Creative source.

Meditation is ideal for relaxing the body and allowing it to be receptive to divine guidance and energy “downloads”. It can be a place of peace and a place of inner discovery. Some say this is a place where your own soul can talk to you. A place where the energies of the past are healed and problems that imprison you can be unlocked and swept away. For me, meditation and reflective type meditations are empowering. And, revitalizing. Here you can literally choose to “reboot” yourself and feel relieved of heavy energy and toxic thoughts. But it requires for you to let go and allow divine energy to sweep through you and declutter your mind.

Stepping into new energy.

One technique for bringing in more energy is to step into that state. First, imagine what that new you with more energy would feel like. And, then, step into that feeling. High performance athletes are masters at this. They see a goal and reach inside their own energy to imprint this new state. It literally rewrites their mental and physical programs to upgrade the self and how it performs in competition. Over time whether they practice in their minds through visualization or whether they engage in physical practice, the results all steer them toward that high performance level that they imagined achieving. Ten years ago NASA confirmed that this works on the body, the body’s nervous system, its neurochemistry, its memory stores in the frontal lobe and is effective for elevating high performance states. Why not imprint a new energy using these techniques?

Embodying a new state.

Learning how to embody that new level of energy before you “feel” like it at the moment is an interesting test of “perception”. Try this. “I now have a noticeable and positive change in my energy. I achieve my goals in less time with less energy. ” Perceiving that it is already here accelerates the appearance of that state. It is like Schroedinger’s double-slit particle experiment. Except you are the energetic “human particle” that is shifting. Test it for yourself and see if you notice a change in your energy.

Cellular activation.

There is another angle that can be used to change how you experience energy. Light behaves as both a wave and a particle. By filling every cell in your body with light you are activating the power houses inside the cell called “mitochondria” and activating more energy inside the cell and in your body’s energy. Just as physicist Albert Einstein used his imagination to chart the globe, the same energy that was used to create GPS can be used to inspire more energy being transferred to the body through light. This is yet, another experiment you can try.

Moving energy and resistance to it.

Flow is an optimal state of consciousness, a peak state where we both feel and perform our best. We become so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved and you’re using your skills to the utmost.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Our beliefs are the containers of reality. Without changing what we know to be true or testing the boundaries of perception it is not likely you can shift into a new state. You become locked into an old way of being and thinking. It becomes hard to move beyond mental blocks like fear and old traumas. Resistance can be changed. But only if we are willing to explore what we know and discard what holds us back. Moving energy with your imagination might seem a bit weird and woo-woo. But there are many cases where physical results have been created to support that it does influence performance and well-being.

Perceived vs Actual.

The scientist in me wants to compare results and see if this does work. Without a quantum measure of energy inside a cell, it seems impossible to compare, recalibrate or determine a clear, positive, revitalizing, noticeable uplift in the energy present. But what about how we feel? Can this truly be the way in which we can acknowledge, account for and invite more energy into our body?

There is a saying that what we focus on expands. And, that what we notice is what materializes. This has been confirmed in physics experiment where light particles behave as waves and as particles. Schroedinger ‘s experiment showed how “mystifyingly problematic” quantum mechanics can be. That, predictability was not always reliable or properly understood. These gaps in understanding are what holds the potential to experiment and continue to expand your perception of what is possible. This includes energy experiments and shifting yourself to new levels of personal performance and “high energy being-ness”.

Energy and persistence conquer all things

Visualization has important links to discoveries. GPS for instance was seen and “imagined” by Einstein in his thought experiments. Quantum Mechanics also has its roots in numbers and in perception. These worlds meshed by Einstein to create a global and transformational technology we use today to “know where we are”, to locate others who might be lost, and to find the best route and chart our path to a destination. This is a profound marriage of numbers and imagination.

Learning to shift your energy is perceptual and scientific. Just as we can step into a flow state and elegantly move from step to step without even thinking about it, it is possible to shift our energy, our wellness and well-being. Nothing but our own beliefs and imagination stands in the way of elevating our performance. Health, mindset, and overall wellbeing are no different than high performance states that elite athletes strive to imprint. The science is there waiting for you to test it. Why not try it? Brilliant perceivers,” levelling up” just got a lot more interesting, didn’t it?

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