Authentic presence. Energizing and Stepping into the Empowerment Zone.

authentic presence means emptying out . Waterfalls of energy.

Is authenticity really created by stripping away limiting beliefs or is it really about finding the code for your highest version of you and unlocking it?

What if authenticity was really about commanding your own energy and working with it to activate authentic presence as empowerment? No longer blocked by old beliefs, you sweep away resistance with energy meditations. This field of power is activated and achieved by letting go, emptying out and releasing blocked energy. Literally you are being swept into another level of self realization. It is another type of activation. Just like unlocking the code to Version 2.0.

In Tibetan, authentic presence is wangthang, which literally means “field of power”… The cause of authentic presence is emptying out and letting go. You have to be without clinging.

Chogyam Trungpa

Embodying Authentic presence and energy.

It is logical to assume that we are naturally authentic. But layers of energy, beliefs and conditioning can also change how we move in life to fit in. Even when we excel as society dictates, life events can crack us open and move awareness of authenticity to flow into that brokenness and empty space. Letting go of what holds us back or by discovering a hidden talent, we are ignited into a new path of energy that catalyzes healing and authenticity. Often , it happens in areas that are not even looked at. That is, until we are guided by our higher mind and a change in perspective to explore a detail or rethink something.

Emptying out the self through meditation practice, using energy meditations and through self reflection, all are methods that allow for healing and authentic presence to fill its place. While letting go and letting God also applies here. It is our truly our light and our divinity that shines through, like a beacon, leading us to move toward our best version of the self.

Why authenticity is needed to empower.

Layers of conditioned responses cloud our perception. And through a determined choice to “shift” and let go of what isn’t serving us, it is possible to lift the veil of illusion that stops us for boldly choosing another path or from seeing an obvious solution. We can change our limitations by working through our beliefs, what others expect from us and what the world expects to be right for us.

As soon as you can move toward an authentic and divine template, possibilities change. These redefine and recalibrate us. It elevates and inspires more personal power. It is a type of empowerment that moves like no other. It is a God-given state of being that shines out powerfully, energizing others on another level. As you grow in your light, it catalyzes change and more light in others.

Energy imprint.

Patterns of behaviour can be imprinted. Some can be limiting and destructive. Some can be empowering and shift your physical energy, your mindset and catalyze your path to purpose. Finding a way to clear out and energetically reset might be as simple as seeing the form you wish to become and step into that Version 2.0 of yourself with conviction that it has already been created. This is goal setting on another level.

What if there are a lot of old patterns that need to be deleted and conquered? Therapies that ask you to revisit old wounds to heal them might be reinforcing them inadvertently by inviting you to step into them again and relive them. But this is not an area I can offer advice. Listen to your own instincts and trust yourself to choose the best healing path.

Experts have the know how to tackle psychological patterns and triggers. Always consider wisdom from experience and clinical advice. No one has lived as you. Open your thoughts to new ways of challenging yourself to heal and become the best version of yourself.

Stepping through layers of old belief.

Thoughts of resistance are our guides to what we fear. Perhaps for you it might be financial? Maybe its health? and Maybe its perception of what is possible based on who you learned from, your loved ones, your family and friends. Maybe its our own beliefs about who we are? Could it be possible we have stopped ourselves from moving closer to what we are destined to be?

It is possible to step through layers of old beliefs with simple visualization techniques. First, through using images in your mind to inspire you to dream and create something you love. Something that contributes, that has great and positive impact. Something that you would love to do. Something that is inspired by a natural ability and a talent.

If you can catch even a glimmer of who you are in that image, it is possible to recalibrate the old version of you and step beyond old patterns and beliefs. Allow more energy in. Expand your energy and empower your authentic presence. What seems impossible, can be achieved by tapping into a quantum field rather than expecting linear results.

Consolidation of energy, growing stronger.

Even if we start small, it is possible to heal and shift out of old patterns. Allow what is You to emerge. Let the energy and a new Version 2.0 mindset seep into your meditation practice. Open you heart to a wounded self and recognize that authenticity means stepping out of your conditioned mind and into a fresh state of being. Shifts can be small with massive impact and great influence. It will feel like drinking cold, very clean mountain spring water. You will feel revitalized each time you step forward.

Shields of Faith.

Many will try and change or alter our path through criticism, rejection, opposition, bullying and betrayal. Others will encourage us with kindness, small gestures or by offering you emotional support in direct and even in subtle and covert ways.

But where we find the strongest support is in creating shields of faith. Nothing can penetrate this wall of trust. Through our connection to divine guidance and protection by faith, it is possible to move beyond the battlefield and leave the fighting opposition to realize they are the only ones fighting an old war.

Instead, we grow our authentic presence energetically and become stronger. Our energy increases and we see the way forward in a new light. Our light.

Path to Divine purpose.

Finding holy ground is what will change your presence in difficult energy conditions. Connect to your sacred self through deep relaxation and meditation practice. If it is challenging to sit still, consider moving meditations. Movement will open your mind and energy to receiving divine guidance and it will sharpen your intuition. Moving meditations are also excellent for shedding stress and for releasing energy blocks. They are one of the “reset” buttons for calibrating and aligning with divine guidance and moving you in the right direction on your path to divine purpose.

Authenticity can be machine tooled to fit accepted visions of presence. But it loses its power by fitting it into another box, another limitation. By emptying ourselves out and allowing ourselves to move beyond what others expect and into who we are meant to be, we can empower ourselves and others. One simple and small step at a time.

Explore visual meditations . Listen to sound clips on Soundcloud or Audible.

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