Listening to the inner guide. Self Love and Empowerment.

self transformation. Above the mind fog.

The way must be in you. The destination must also be in you and not somewhere else in space and time. If that kind of self transformation is being realized, you will arrive.

Nhat Hahn

The time never seems right to confront ourselves to deeply heal. We put it off, procrastinate, divert our attention with busy-ness and time destroying habits. While we might be secretly looking for stress-relief with entertainment that temporarily makes us feel good, we eventually will arrive back to where we started. Tired and unmotivated. But are we really running away from greatness and our own divine light? Is that what is making us so tired? Being more visible, brighter and more compassionate to others who are also on a soul path of transformation. Lessons abound. It causes a lot of resistance and fear.

Are you ready to travel inward? As a very private person, I completely understand how it feels to over-work and dissect thoughts. But I also know how incredible it feels to step around and beyond them and let all that go. You will feel Freedom on an entirely new level. Listen to your inner guide.

Healing as you transform.

Who looks outside, Dreams. Who looks inside, Awakes.

Carl Jung.

There is a belief that you cannot transform unless you completely heal a part of yourself that is holding you back. This isn’t true. Progressive healing can be the way of the wounded warrior. It is possible to heal a little each day by working with your old stories and moving toward a stronger self. Sometimes others appear in your life that give you an opportunity to “test” new ideas and ways of looking at things. Without anyone knowing, you can accelerate your own path and increase your personal power by managing your events, one by one. And, one person at a time.

Conditions trigger a response and we can gain more insight into where we are and used to be. If lessons are repeating, it is possible to transform that experience by changing our perspective on it. You can look at people, places, events and things as an observer or activate “emotional triggers” by taking it all personally. Move beyond what others opinions of us are. Let you be who you are meant to be, completely. The world needs your gifts and experiences. Open up to your inner guidance and allow self-love and empowerment to flood into your life. It can heal and transform you, no matter what conditions look like or how broken you feel.

The silent observer. Your super-power.

When you look at things as an observer without personal judgement, you can let the trauma and any bad feeling go. And what naturally has grown as a trigger will begin to diminish in power. It is possible to use this to move beyond anything that is holding you back. You see it as nothing more than a test of who you once were.

Where you can get pulled into serious mind, and soul sucking thoughts is by thinking it IS about you, that everything in your experience is personal. If you can, step away from emotionally charged judgements. How can you be “assessed” by someone who might be “broken” inside? Why allow someone else who isn’t happy to change your energy, when can you listen to your inner guidance and become more powerful. Let bullies realize, by default, that being a mean, manipulative person with a lack of connection to their divinity, brings them face to face with their own power loss. This is their path to self-discovery, not yours. Your silent observer, your inner guide will nudge you in the right direction.

Choosing an empowered perspective.

Others might not appreciate or understand us. They might be swept up in something that makes them angry. And, to release it, they look for ways to discharge that energy. To truly rise above it, let them experience their reality as they choose. It isn’t your reality.

You can move into a higher vibration of peace by moving into a mental sanctuary. No one enters here. Just you. See your perfect place to relax. I see blue sky, the ocean and imagine my toes curling into the sand. Choose to live for a moment in that happy place. Then, choose to deal with the aggressor by ignoring them. Their negative energy literally bounces back to them amplified. Energy Aikido 101.

If you choose an empowered position, then consider this as well. It begins with total acceptance of other’s behaviour, even ones we don’t like or can’t reconcile because of our own past injuries. Heal your own brokenness when you are ready to look at what is playing out beyond you and in front of you is a reflection of what needs to heal. Not always easy. But, it is the sacred catalyst for great days and profound victories. Listen to your inner guidance for the best step forward for you.

Harness the moment.

The present moment has the most power. Take action on what you are inspired to do. You can transform your life by thought. And, by ACTION you can bring that reality into being. It takes time to train yourself to tune in and listen more carefully to your inner guide. Trust the process. Step into the energy of flow states and see your life radically change. Here are links to previous articles about flow states:

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Challenge your wounded self.

Open your thoughts to leaving old wounds behind. Step beyond them. When we revisit them we relive them. Neuroscience tells us that repetitive thoughts “carve” deep paths into our minds and condition behaviour. Choose healing habits like meditation and exercises with repetitive movements such as walking, swimming, cycling, running, kyacking [paddling] as a form of deep relaxation. These flowing movements can break the stress level of an over-active mind by flipping an inner switch [brain chemistry] and allowing a flow state that is more peaceful and calming.

Self-love means more than self-care. It is about acceptance and growing beyond old limiting beliefs. What worked for us in the past might not create results in the present that are in our best interest or for our highest good.

Working with Energies.

When we listen to our inner guide we find solutions, get fresh insights, create new ideas and open ourselves up to synchronicities and sudden epiphanies. Some describe this as wise counsel. Others see it as receiving divine guidance. Simple techniques such as imagining a waterfall of light over your head, receiving “energy” and pure light through our crown chakra can flood your mind with insights and brilliant solutions. Experiment with this type of guidance and feed your body foods that match the colour of each chakra to energize and heal. Red for root. Orange for sacral . Yellow for solar plexus. Green for heart. Blue for throat. Indigo for third eye. Purple for crown.

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Learning how to rise despite your destructive habits.

Self-love means learning to challenge yourself to rise above your own wounded self. Forget what you know about recovery. It is possible to heal by stepping into the moment.

See yourself removing heavy layers of doubt, fear and low self-worth like an old sweater. In the moment you are new and empowered. Everything that has enslaved your consciousness has no power, if you decide. This is about love dear readers. Not about being waist-deep in regrets and old miseries. The one who can set yourself free is you. Right now. Try on a new garment. Believe it’s possible and rise above thoughts that waste your life and energy and draw your focus to the old you. It is done.

Training yourself to Excel.

This empowerment tool of self-love can be used to help you excel. If you can defeat anxiety, disappointments, train up acceptance of yourself [grumpy and filled with joy], you will see things begin to shift. Others will see a change in your energy. It will enable more courage to be you.

Blessings come in different packages. Conditions and conditioning, all open possibilities. What we thought we lost, might come back in a new and elevated form and experience. Trust the process of your divine packaging. Learn to listen to your inner guide.

Divine blessings.

Self-awareness is a gift we can unravel with meditation and by listening to our own inner guide. All those thoughts, some horrible, cruel and others more elevating and loving can be tempered by seeing yourself as a child. Recognize all the years of being ignored, too busy being an adult and adore who you are from the beginning.

This can create self empowerment that you never thought was possible. Be a kid. Find joy. Test limits and see yourself rescue you. The best version of who you are meant to be is waiting for you to decide.

Listening. Conversations with your Higher mind.

Is meditation really just a conversation with your own mind? Is inner guidance really you talking to you? I have often wondered. But there have been moments in my life where an incredible energy flooded through my body like a lightning rod. Exhaustion and defeat were blown away by divine presence and a profound Faith. A dark room was filled with a bright light in the form of a cross. It appeared on a ceiling above me when I was feeling down. It changed my life and made me realize I have lived through things for a specific reason. May this blog inspire you to realize your path too, has unfolded for a reason that might liberate someone else. May Peace be with you dear blog reader, my family.

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