Is Self Love a cure for Stress?

Self love is like a divine sunrise over water.

Investing in yourself. Deciding how you experience the day. Feeling more happiness. Working with your own energy to focus and be more present. Aren’t these signs of self-love? Or is this a prescription for stress-relief?

Self Love and healing Stress.

Be yourself, an original is so much better than a copy.

Being kind to yourself in the most simple ways can change your life. And, heal any stress that has been created by pushing forward and ignoring limits. Does this apply to you?

If you are reading this blog, you may have had experience exceeding your own limits. And, you might be looking for ways to be efficient about achieving more, finding your best pathway to high performance that radically changes your ability to focus and get things done. But, then there is the problem of stress levels and pushing forward. How can we deal with that while respecting our own “body temple”? How can we reinvent self-love to buffer us from stress levels that aren’t good for us?

I believe that it is possible to integrate self-love into the stress equation. It might be as simple as making one change in your daily routine. Anything from being present when you are on your lunch break and not engaging in distractions like your social media or sending emails and making calls. Or, taking two minutes to close your eyes and listen to your own advice. If you can, sit alone and relax. Reset your energy. Distance yourself from negative conversations. Stay peaceful.

Pushing forward.

No one is you and that is your super power.

There is something about being driven that can be inspiring if you are following your path. And then theres the negative side of being driven, ignoring a lot of life’s happiness and not being present while you drive yourself forward toward a goal. You end up sacrificing too much, you miss the “living” details of your life.

Healing unreasonable stress levels is very personal. It means learning to set boundaries that are both energetic and physical. You know when you are exhausted. You know what feeling rested feels like. Finding compressed methods to deeply relax allows the body to rest and rejuvenate itself. This way we can begin to heal high stress levels, even when the expectations and the workload are very high. You can reset your energy throughout the day in very short time frames; as little as 8 minutes. You just need to know how to do it.

Here are some simple steps to accelerate stress relief.

Body awareness. Releasing tension.

Tighten and release muscles in your body. If you are standing, squeeze your toes, then your feet, and next, your calves. Slightly lower your body as if to begin a squat. Tighten your legs and your toosh and then stand up and let the muscles relax. Next, tighten your abdominal muscles and them release them on an exhale. Tighten fingers and hands, release the tension. Smile and then relax the muscles in your face. Raise your eyebrows and then let them drop. Tilt your head to the left and then to the right and reposition your head in the centre.

Breath awareness. Moving and re-setting energy with your breath.

Take a deep breath in and slowly exhale. Focus on the movement of the breath. Feel your lungs expand, the air moving down your throat and out through your nose. Imagine oxygen filling and energizing all the cells in your body. Notice a shift in your energy. You should feel more relaxed.

If you are wanting to sharpen your focus, the following breathing technique is regulated by counting.

The Box breathing method:

  1. Breathe in for the count of 4
  2. Hold for the count of 4
  3. Exhale for the count of 4
  4. Hold for the count of 4
  5. Repeat.

Focusing on the counting sharpens attention and enables a more focused mind. If you are under pressure, this method can reset your mindset in a few minutes. You don’t need to be laying down to do it. In fact, it can be done in stealth mode while you are in the middle of a busy workplace. The benefits are a more productive, sharp and focused mind.

Energy awareness. Moving energy with visualization techniques.

Our energetic field has many layers. The physical body, the auric field and the divine template that extends and connects with universal energies. Build energy awareness by visualizing a waterfall over your head, flushing out “stuck” energy, and stress energy. Imagine a drain below your feet and all the negative energy pouring down the drain. See each cell in your body fill with light, and glow with radiant health. As you become more sensitive to your own energy, you will feel a soft wave of energy flow through your body like lava. You will feel elevated and revived after the energetic sweep has been completed.

Happiness comes from within.

When others are stressed out, complaining and creating “drama” for other people, the best thing you can do is to clear your own energy field. This is an act of self-love and stress management. Stay present and know that happiness is created from within. Other people’s stress triggers are not yours to own. This is their reality, not yours. The challenge is to find a way to protect your happiness without feeling stressed out about it. Self-love can be reinvented to suit who you are. To protect your inner happiness and reinforce your own self worth while still showing up in the world powerfully. Energetically and physically, happiness creates a buffer zone of inner peace.

Engage all of your senses.

Use more of your senses to appreciate being alive and not just focus on only one because you’re in a hurry. This means when you are standing somewhere, expand you awareness of being there. How does your energy feel here? What do you smell? What sounds and conversations stand out? What vibe or emotions do you “pick up” in the room or place where you are? All of these sensory “readings” can be very useful for memory expansion. But they are important for recognize “aliveness” in the moment. When the world is focused on goals and time lines, it is equally important to add more life to your life.

Setting yourself apart.

There is something very sacred about setting yourself apart to listen to divine guidance. Being so stressed doesn’t serve anyone, especially you. Self love demands an open dialogue with the divine and whatever that means for you. Even to respect your own sacred space in the world, you immediately turn the battle over to something larger than yourself. It heals and moves us to become more of who we are meant to be. All, without the toxic stress.

Self love is a healing force. It is an essential tool for coping with unreasonable levels of stress and demands. By learning how to energetically establish boundaries, it is possible to move forward, focused, deeply appreciating your own nature and life. You gain more life by releasing negative energy that distracts and doesn’t serve you. You will feel a noticeable difference in your wellness and well-being. Stay powerful. Remain present. Be you without apology.

Have a peaceful week global friends.

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Lightspeed has created two visual meditations for stress management. Deep relaxation and Blue Sky meditation. To listen to sound samples in Soundcloud click on the MP3 link on this website or Visit Store.

Deep relaxation is a general use meditation that can teach you how to relax in less than ten minutes and help the body achieve deep rest in a shorter time frame.

*Blue sky meditation uses an advanced visualization technique that, with practice, can be done in stealth mode with your eyes open. Excellent for high stress environments.

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