Intuition and Light, build a new Search tool.

mirrored image of landscape in Norway. Reflection and intuition.
  • Are intuitive searches energetic, divine or biological responses from smart gut flora?
  • Are intuitive hits only possible with a still body and a willingness to listen to impulses to act?
  • Can you be busy and receive an incoming and intercepting message in perfect timing?

A multi-dimensional search tool.

Intuition is [ in my opinion] a lightning bolt from the divine delivered in all three forms [ energetic, divine and through your gut instincts]. It offers a knowing of what works best for you. But it can also warn, to instantly decide without any proof. There seems to be no logic to how it works. And, no way of forcing anything to jar your gut whenever you want it to. That confirmation you are looking for with an intuitive hit might not happen, until you let go of any demands. Let the energy flow freely and expect nothing. Only then, will your desired insight pop into your radar and pull at your attention.

This is where it gets very interesting. Intuition can be triggered by conversations we overhear, things we might see, a sign or even a typo, a number, a song’s lyrics, anything can set off a “recognition” that this message is synchronous with other events and relates to what we are wanting to solve, resolve or choose. Timing is everything.

It is possible to learn how to connect with your intuitive impulses. Sometimes how we feel is influenced by where we are and the distractions around us. We want instant answers that might not be possible. Or, more interesting, the insights we receive might seem a bit strange and out of our classic understanding of reality. Phone calls at the right place and time. Changing direction and plans at the last minute and avoiding a serious accident.

Energetic clashes and genuine downloads.

But what about energy? Being exposed to different energy fields and places might trigger a response you can’t quite put your finger on. Are bad vibes just interference? or an energetic “clash” with who we are? And, does your intuition really know how to tell the difference? What is genuine “downloaded data”-anyhow?

With enough energetic interference, the genuine information gets blasted and is received in bits and bauds. The recipient is not able to put the entire message together. Information that seems irrelevant could be of great importance. And, time sensitive. We would have no way of knowing that we are being disconnected from this download.

Genuine data can arrive if we can become observers. Can you take a step back and watch what is happening around you? This shifts your perception. Emotions move over, a little, and you can receive more insight and genuine downloads. There is no emotion here. No over-thinking. It is just a neutral and insightful message.

Use light energy to filter disruptive energy.

Using light to clear out interference is a useful search tool for getting clear about your intuitive messages. Simple ideas such as flooding your body with light to remove interference is effective. Learn how to ground yourself by visualizing light running from the top of your head and out through the soles of your feet and deep into the centre of the Earth. Stand still for a moment and see if you notice any feedback or internal conversations after you clear and ground your energy. Do you feel different than before?

Energy, gut messengers and divine guidance are different expressions of intuitive information. Each one offers a new perspective on what is “right” and what doesn’t feel right for us. If you haven’t read this article on Listening to Energy, it might be a great review for working with energy and interference.

Intuition and divine guidance.

The intellect has little to do with discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition what you will, the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.

Albert Einstein


When we meditate we open our minds and our spiritual being to receiving direct conversations, inspiration and creative thoughts. Divine guidance emerges without resistance. We get get an image flash or hear something in our own thoughts. How did this get here? And, how do these intuitive hits “feel” different from gut conversations? Just by being in the wrong place? Or are you divinely protected, even in the wrong place? It will make sense to you as you ask yourself questions and wait for a feeling or a knowing. The divine guidance always has your best interest and has your back. It demands that you trust without proof. All you need is FAITH.

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They know what you truly want to become.

Steve Jobs

Gut Science and Intuition.

Science has explored your gut chemistry. And, discovered that the chemical changes produced by your natural gut flora might be part of what triggers emotions, a knowing and a tuning fork like “resonance” with the next right move. We have all felt it. A strong pull. But is this really intuition? or just a byproduct of bug metabolism? Especially, since it has also been proven that the foods we crave might be also ordered by our gut. It’s like ordering take out without knowing. You may not know why you “need” chocolate, but your happy gut bacteria does. They placed the order!

Even so, the messages we receive through our gut instincts and it’s translation into intuition are distinct. Yes. And, visceral. We feel a tug in our gut. This isn’t always a cry for takeout! It is a total capture of a feeling that inspires us to choose, to stop, to go back or to walk away. Only experience with choice and events will let you know when the gut messenger alarm has sounded or triggers a response in you because it was once ignored. Both, add to your experience of listening or not listening to your intuition.

Human tuning forks.

Intuition, that is honed with experience, can be a fierce and incredible tool for making choices. Many will tell you that this is a mental search tool. It isn’t. Others can suggest that your heart will know what is best for you. But are you bending things to fit with what you heart truly wants? A feeling that is inspired by a gut feeling is what will allow you to focus and truly know what to do next. Allow the PULL in the right direction.

Turn left. Stay home. Say No to this person. Does this person seem ok? etc. All are inspired by an inner knowing. Just as the wrong person, place and more is illuminated by a strong “resistance” to decide or the feeling of being pushed to move forward in another direction.

Faces might think that they are able to disguise intention, but the energy behind their words and how we feel when we speak to them [exchange energy] offers us confirmation of the truth. It is important to note that it is sometimes difficult to tune into your intuition when you have experienced trauma, bullying or when an old pattern associated with “failure” re-surfaces. This can train your subconscious mind to sabotage your success or make the wrong decision at the last minute. Allow yourself to let these ideas pass through you. Observe them. Ask where are these thoughts coming from? Just as it is possible to fail, it is also possible to experience massive success. Release old stories and beliefs that aren’t serving you. Let your intuition work for you to encourage a positive step forward.

Practice makes perfect.

Using your intuition in a number of ways will inspire more “interesting” levels of feedback. It is possible to change your perception of the many” layers of information ” and distill it down to one resounding answer that you feel. We are capable of more than we realize. Believe that you can learn how to read and understand what you are receiving. Either, in the form of energy or in body language, words and where the conversation takes place or if you are observing something.

Closing your eyes in a slow blink and seeing something unravel on your inner mental screen is incredibly useful. No one needs to know what you are doing. Ground your energy. Clear out interference and then choose how you will listen to the energy, words, actions or just a feeling. It’s all intuitive.

Have a great and insightful day.

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