Energize your Day with 3 Simple vitality-inducing techniques.

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Energize. It seems almost impossible if you are battling burnout. But, transforming your energy powerfully when you need it changes things. The standard recommendations for improving your overall energy levels are getting a good night’s sleep, drinking more water, exercise and eating well. But, depending on how healthy you are at the moment, that could take time. It is a work in progress-No?

What if you want to fuel-inject your energy state with some very quick techniques that will elevate your energy? Is that possible when you are dragging your you know what? Burnout is very insidious. But the treatment of it can also shift with some simple day to day methods that will help you heal as you become more awake and alive.

Vitality shows not only in the ability to persist but to start over.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

1. Re-calibrating your energy.

The first technique works directly with energy. It re-calibrates and offers a nice reboot. Here is one simple idea to test out. { None of these ideas are intended to be prescriptive. If you have a serious condition such as fibromyalgia, adrenal exhaustion or any serious illness that causes severe fatigue, this might not be for you or work for you. As always, consult with a physician for personalized medical advice and direct care}.

Sit or lay down. Get comfortable. Close your eyes and inhale. Let yourself exhale and when you do release the blah energy you have. Now imagine inhaling pure light and energy into your body. Fill every cell like a balloon with light energy. Let each cell glow with radiant light and supreme vitality. Exhale dense and negative energy. Now imagine a waterfall of light over your head. Let the energy travel through your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Let any remaining energy blocks and dull energy pour down an imaginary drain below your feet. Let your body recharge and feel refreshed. This technique can be used at any time to shift energy from a low vibe state to a more positive one. It clears all of the layers of your energy field.

2. Revisit your fuel intake. Micronutrients rule!

The second technique is to eat more micronutrients. “These include water-soluble vitamins [Vit B & C] , fat-soluble vitamins[i.e. Vit A,D,E, K], micro-minerals[i.e. Calcium, Phosphorus,Magnesium, Sodium,Potassium] and trace elements[ Iron, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Selenium, Boron]” Harvard Health Publishing. Even if we choose organic foods and produce, they are dependant on the quality of the soil that they are grown in. Also, the nutrients decline with each passing day after they [plants and produce] have been picked or pulled from the ground. We need many minerals to inspire the creation and expenditure of energy. Drink plenty of water to ensure the body that is approximately 70% water operates at high efficiency. Hydration permits the distribution of minerals and this will also help soothe your energy depletion. Dehydration impedes energy creation and movement, like a car low in oil.

Also consider choosing more nutrient dense foods such as nuts and seeds, greens with stems and shoots. Concentrate them by creating nutrient packed smoothies or by eating more colour-diverse salads.

3. The immense power of Deep Relaxation.

The third that is not often suggested is deep relaxation in shorter time frames. Lightspeed created a 8 minute deep relaxation to not only eliminate stress in high intensity environments but to also allow the body to re-calibrate itself and become more vital. It is a high performance skill to clear your stress and sharpen the mind. But the benefit is to free up energy lost in that stress and redirect it towards your overall well-being and vitality. Find your focus and be more present with a few minutes of deep relaxation each day. It will be a game changer in shifting your vitality also.

Energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performance.

Jim Loehr

Bonus methods:

The power of Breath.

Breath restores balance in body chemistry. It also has the power to revitalize and to sharpen mental focus. When you feel exhausted, draw in three deep breaths. It will shift your alertness instantly. Breath is also called prana, a life force energy that is captured by breath. Many of us are shallow breathers. Consider adding more “life and air” to your day. It will help shift your energy when you need it.

Energize with Nature’s tonic.

The smell of trees. The soft mist of the ocean spray or a garden fountain. Small birds twittering. Bees hovering over flowers. These change our energy by calming it down. Intuitively we seek the outdoors to get away from it all but it just brings us closer to our authentic selves. It gives us an energetic reboot, a reset that is breathed in and experienced as peace of mind. Nature is a tonic that cleanses our energy. When you are feeling burned out, take a few minutes to breathe in the sunshine, the rain, the wind or the snowflakes. It will shift your energy and awareness. Sometimes, we are too busy to love and adore being alive. Too much mental suffering and not enough love of self. Just a moment spent on YOU my loves and lovelies will transform you and make you realize what a powerhouse you are.

It is possible to shift our own energy with a few mindful techniques. These can re-calibrate, reboot and offer an energetic boost; a reprieve from high stress environments. When standard methods don’t seem to be enough, consider using your breath, deep relaxation and your own energy to improve your well-being. Eating more micro-nutrients and high density nutritional foods will give your body the nutrients it needs to build, heal, metabolize and eliminate toxins. Mental sharpness, total body healing and improved vitality will be by-products. While it may not always be possible to sit in nature to cleanse your energy, small changes can make a big difference in how energized we feel. Visualize. Listen to sound tracks of nature. Travel inward.

Have a brilliant week.

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