Burnout: Part 2. Finding breakthrough when you feel exhausted.

reflection on a lake, small cabin with the light on, and burnout

How do know if you are burned out? Are you just lacking motivation? And, how can you create a breakthrough even when you feel exhausted?

It is well known that meditation can inspire both physical and a psychological shifts. The good news is that there are infinite possibilities to move out of burnout as you begin to enter into new layers of experience and understanding as a meditator. In my last post, for example, I mentioned that the thought of energizing yourself when you are feeling really burned out, feels impossible. It might go against your instinctive desire to just lay down and sleep and do nothing. But, with consistency, it is possible to use meditative states to help you move energy and heal as you gain more energy over time. Healing is progressive, if you appreciate what might be inspiring you to put the foot on the gas and the brake at the same time.

The good news is that there are place markers that can give you feedback on “slipping into burnout” or “slipping out of burnout.

The gradual slope to Burnout.

One of the most noticeable markers of burnout is a lack of energy and interest. We become susceptible to distraction, surfing the web and social media as a form of escape. While this might be called “time out” and be placed under the guise of temporary “entertainment”, it wastes time and becomes insidiously addictive. We consume the illusion of others transforming their lives and it destroys our genuine appreciation for who we truly are by unrealistic comparisons. Instead of honouring our uniqueness and purpose, we can be taken down with indecision, second guessing rather than tuning in to hear our intuitive voice speak clearly to us. The way forward is unique to who we are. Mental clarity can be found and used as a path out of burnout. All it takes is one day, one item marked off of your task list or just one habit “crushed” at a time to transform your energy.

How can I escape the hold Burnout has on my life?

Slipping out of burnout is marked by curiosity, passion and a sense of purpose according to Steven Kotler’s latest book “The Art of the Impossible”. The more we focus on things that inspire our curiosity, the more our neurochemistry amplifies the spark that drives more inspiration. This produces transformation in our bodies, it rewires us and lifts up our energy and sharpens our focus. Emotional and motivational neuro-cocktails offer us a bullet train ride out of burnout. We witness a second wind and a more deeply rested state. Both heal us. Both restore and give us a psychological reboot.

Breakthroughs: Turning Energy Tides.

The point where you want to give up is when the energy tide begins to turn. You let go. You don’t over-try or act out of desperation. The energy devoted to struggle is now available to restore and revitalize you. As you collapse and let the body reboot and recalibrate its energy, we are rewarded by deep sleep. This is critical for restarting and moving into a “second wind” energy.  You can really shift and heal by planting a seed into your subconscious mind just before you close your eyes. See yourself step into a high performance and positive energy state. Imagine it in detail. Close your eyes and let the subconscious mind do the rest. 

Ingenuity and shifts in perspective.

If you meditate and step into an observation mode, it will change your perspective. Sometimes a small “shift” creates incredible insights and ingenious ways of solving problems. Challenges become opportunities. Energy barricades become reasons to choose different methods. Being tired is letting you move with conditions rather than fight against them. Maybe working smarter is discovered through time constraints and your own energy awareness? Maybe you find creative ways to get more done in less time with less energy? Time-blocking. Reorganizing your desk and your email box. Learning to delegate and delete. And, before you know it, your productivity rises with less effort.

Self-heal through Burnout.

It is possible to gently nudge yourself into a more healthy and vital state, even though, at the moment, you are feeling burned out. The easiest place to begin is with nutritional warfare. Consume more organic foods with higher mineral and vitamin content. Feed your nervous system. Use energy meditations to move energy out of your body that doesn’t belong to you and imagine a white light flowing through you from your head to your toes, like a shower head. It clears all the layers of your auric field and encourages the body to restore itself.

Another important puzzle piece to heal from burnout is rest. There is a profound difference between sleep and rest. This isn’t about getting a good nights sleep. It is about feeling rested and completely energized when you wake up. Learning how to rest deeply will allow you to transform your exhaustion and step out of burnout. I would recommend listening to Lightspeed’s deep relaxation meditation [ 8 mins]. Also I will insert the link to the blog post about getting more REST in less time.

The value of Silence.

Peace and quiet. Allowing yourself to be free from demands and conversations for a few minutes every day is healing. Here we can tune in and listen to inner guidance and shut down distractions. We can tap into our own state and get a more accurate read on how we are truly feeling at that moment. Being in touch with ourselves is important. Knowing how far we want to go “energetically” and setting limits with social media, email and opting for a social cleanse, if necessary, will allow recovery from energy leaks.

Silence is a form of self care. Create a mental sanctuary you can retreat to when the stress levels get too high. This is very effective for gaining more personal power and for building self-esteem. Because, in this space, nothing can shift your mind without gaining access to this space. You choose what energy and time is being devoted to any thought. This article “How to create stability in changing conditions” contains a method for “how to build a mental sanctuary”.

Shifting your Mind space.

When we are told that hydration helps give us more energy, often we just think about water when we are exercising and participating in sports. But the same holds true for burnout. Hydration is pivotal for releasing emotional toxicity and shifting mindsets. If you aren’t sure about this, try drinking plenty of water when you are managing a lot of pressure, deadlines or feeling burnt out and exhausted. You should notice a difference in how you feel.

Think about it this way. If you put your foot on the gas and the brake, your car engine remains in high rev. This is the same as being stressed out, pouring more stress cocktails into your body, stimulating nerves but providing little relief. Exercise will burn the affects of it off. Water will dilute the effects and allow your body to become more calm.

You can also bring relief by shifting your physiology quickly with your own breath.

The box method increases alertness and focus.

  1. The Box Method Breathing technique:
  • Breathe in for the count of 4
  • Hold for the count of 4
  • Release your breath for the count of 4
  • Hold for the count of 4

Repeat the cycle.

Deep slow breaths can relax you and draw you into your own personal zone of peace.

While this is part of a meditation practice, it is also a life skill for managing stress and for helping you recover from burnout. It is also an important part of placing yourself in a high performance state. One, that might seem far away when you are exhausted.

2. A Deep relaxation breathing technique:

  • Pay attention to the flow of your breath.
  • Breathe in slowly. Fill your belly. And, exhale slowly.
  • Fill your body, all of its cells with oxygen.
  • When you exhale, allow all the stress and negative energy to be released and purged from your cells.

The potential to change your state energetically is critical for healing burnout. Small shifts in how you manage your time, your health and in allowing small respites will make a tremendous difference in your recovery from extreme fatigue. And, this “time out” will inspire curiosity and more interest in life again, which are drivers for “transformational” neurochemistry to shift you into a more energized and high performance state. Simple breathing techniques can bring you more focus that is needed to snap you out of being so wiped out all the time. One step, no matter how small will ease you forward. There are many to choose from. Just use what you are inspired to do. Your neurochemistry will do the rest.

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