Meditation:Who is the Brilliant Higher Mind?

Higher mind is like a clear lake, clear guidance.

Who is the brilliant higher mind? And, is meditation a way to connect to it and divine guidance?

When we seem to be exhausted and want to shut down, have you considered that you are being upgraded, being pulled closer to your own divinity? A spiritual reset. A way to heal. A pathway to see differently. A time out to allow new perspectives. A land of freedom that offers a new passage, your own trust and faith. A place where the mind, so overloaded can just “be” and explore how that feels without constraints.

This is an incredible opportunity to expand your lightness of being. An upgrade. A purging of old energy and a release from illusions of being “stuck”. You are a power house, that doesn’t see it that way. Tethered by wanting to belong, to fit in and to conform. Yet, being small doesn’t serve anyone.

But who is the higher mind we listen to when we meditate? Is it a pure, spirit form of ourselves or is it a link to the divine that we can listen to if we choose to get still?

Sometimes it is clear that the distracted thoughts that pour into our heads while we sit or lay down, is a reflection of being in overwhelm. These are not divine conversations. Years of meditative practice might offer you a version of inner peace but there are many personal paths to finding that quality, if you allow your body to heal itself, to calm the mind and to open itself to intuition and insights. To become fragile is not a weakness but a way inward.

The storyteller: healing false narratives.

In order to listen to guidance and what the higher mind perceives, we need to unravel two things. The first is perception. Sometimes conditioning and experiences create filters that shift what we see and what we avoid seeing. Observation skills is the other.

We can get closer to listening to divine guidance and the higher self by looking at the world as an observer. It is another way of seeing and another way of creating a story. This is important because how we create the story changes the way we see ourselves. And just by creating it, it is possible to see what is getting in our own way.

Observation and creativity expose false limits and beliefs, our fears and our conditioning. Change one of these things, and it is possible to shift your consciousness and your choices. With a closer connection with your higher self and divine guidance, the storyteller can help us recognize patterns that don’t serve us anymore. In their place, we can use visualization to create a new and positive pathway for achievement.

Intuition and guidance: are they the same?

Is intuition the same as divine guidance? I would like to challenge you on this one. I would like to suggest that intuition is equivalent to your soul’s inner knowing. You Just know. You get a gut feeling. And, instantly, there is a connection to the truth. You are receiving energy and instant feedback. Your body, mind and spirit will sense the truth.

Divine guidance requires listening skills. You need to be present. While the mind can continue to flood you with and force you to sort through many thoughts and feelings, there is a stronger conversation that will be evident. The words, the ideas will be clear, and audible to your thoughts. You will recognize this voice. And will be able to discern what feels right for you. Has this ever happened to you? You feel pulled to turn left instead of right. Leave the house earlier or later. Go back to check on something and miss an accident. Still not sure if it’s intuition or guidance? When in Doubt.. don’t.

The path to inner peace.

Meditation inspires divine conversations, the silent observer, and a closer connection to your own soul just by listening inwards and resting in the stillness within. We can discover inner peace through heart centred mindfulness and create vital mental sanctuaries. The higher mind is the direct link to your divinity. While the path to inner peace is messy, it is possible to carve out something unique that works for who you are and are meant to be. All it requires is an openness to learn and to listen inward.

Discovering authenticity.

Be who you are. Remove layers of expectation and see your own purpose, talents and power blossom. The higher mind connects to our original divine template, and our authentic persona. A growing version-moves with different experiences and “feedback” of what limits us and what scares us. Many ideas and imposed limits come from other people who don’t have our natural talent, purpose and life path. Being able to allow conversations with the higher mind in meditation will open the energy to breakthroughs and healing what holds us back.

Openness and Higher mind.

Relaxation is the most important skill for healing and for inviting conversations with the higher self. As you breathe deeply and release any tension that you may have, you begin to exploring deeper layers of consciousness and altered states of being with meditation. This opens the self up to energy and direct channels to the higher mind and to receiving divine guidance.

There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there.

Albert Einstein

Energy of receptivity.

Belief that this is possible to connect to the higher mind and soul itself can open up that channel and energy of receptivity. Use your heart centred mindfulness and being in the present guide your energy of receptivity. Become grounded and let the energy flow from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Tune in.

The higher mind is like a telephone link to the divine and the authentic version of the self. It knows us; all our experiences, our growth periods, our transformation and places where we can open our hearts to direct conversations. Direct guidance is received through gut feelings and our intuition. We just know which way to go and instinctively choose what is best for us [if we choose to listen and follow that advice].

Meditation opens us up to being more present and making that direct conversation more clear and more obvious. But we need to be mindful of old stories that get in our way. Especially, those where others have judged us unfairly, persecuted us, felt threatened by us and lied about us and have caused a lot of loss. These can get in our way if we don’t move directly from the present moment as a point of creation and inner guidance.

There are many conditions that tilt how well we can receive guidance. The past. Our beliefs of what is possible. Limits placed on us by others who aren’t us. But it is possible to bypass the “negative influences” and step into a more powerful place of understanding. Empowerment is the most important reason and trigger for listening well to inner guidance. Realizing we have the power to set ourselves free changes everything. Use discernment and meditation to become more clear. Your heart and your divine and brilliant higher mind are waiting to talk to you.

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