Breakthrough: Aligning with a new Energy wave.

aligning with a new wave of energImage of the inside curl of a wave

Why would you want to align with a new energy state? And how is it possible to do that while living in the present?


Not everyone will understand or resonate with the idea of aligning with a new energy state. But, to those who do, who are in conditions that are stressful, challenging and not where they would love to be, the idea that we can visualize and step into a new energy state to shift our conditions is empowering and liberating.

Think about it. If we are focusing on the past and carry the energy of disappointments and a life un-lived into the present, it will influence the present. If we are in the present and immerse ourselves in the energies of health, abundance and happiness, those energies, will also influence the present as well as the future. The challenge is being able to visualize and then, step into the feeling of that new energy state or state of being. Feel and act as if it this goal or desired state were already true in the present.

For instance, if you were in perfect health, what would the energy of supreme health be like or look like to you? Fill in as many details in your imagination. Allow yourself to feel “perfect health” and let the energy sweep through you.

Reason for the why- proof already exists.

One place that this idea has been used brilliantly is in professional sport. As part of training, elite athletes for decades have imagined improved speeds, record times and incredible distances that move beyond traditional limits. These visualized qualities, in effect, were and are being seeded into the subconscious mind with their own imagination as they continue[d] to practice.

NASA scientists have documented and proven that improvements in athletic performance can be catalyzed by visualization. And, that these improvements took place without physical practice. The imagined wins and improved speeds etc that took place in the mind’s eye actually produced significant results. No longer is visualization just child’s play and pure imagination. This is a bonafide strategy that has the potential to influence and shift physiology.

Remarkable achievements imagined first.

Why not use this technology and your own imagination to shift into a new energy state? One, that brings you improved health, vitality and happiness.

If athletic performance has been shown to be dramatically tilted with visualization, why not apply this concept to anything in your life you wish to change and improve? All it requires is allowing your body and energy to move in that desired direction by aligning with a new energy state and become it first before it happens. Use your imagination and your ability to visualize to activate results.

Aligning with a new energy state can be healing. It enables a sharpening of focus toward a goal. This can be applied to a high performance state or to create an improvement in mental well-being that will allow you to step into your vision of success.

Healing old habits and patterns.

You can use the subconscious mind to retrain your mind to step into a new and more healthy lifestyle. One method is to relax the body, visualize and imagine the feeling of that state just before you drift off to sleep. Let the subconscious mind go to work while you sleep, shifting physiology.

Let’s use an example of fatigue. If you find yourself often tired and not resting well when you do sleep, you can use this technique to imagine resting well in a deeply relaxed state and waking up feeling great, well rested and revitalized.

Just a small note:

  • Fatigue is a clinical abyss. There are many complex issues associated with the symptom of fatigue that have serious clinical connections. The example of fatigue here is a benign one where the body needs to naturally rest and uses fatigue to slow us down to reset, restore and revitalize the body. Deep levels of fatigue can have nutritional, psychological and pathological origins. When you are chronically very tired, consider everything and consult with a health care professional.

Another perspective on fatigue:

  • In Steven Kotler’s book “Mapping Cloud 9” he talks about how he used surfing to help himself heal from Lyme disease and its extreme fatigue. Both, through popping into a new window of existence but also through retraining his brain and neurochemistry with his athletic performance. It’s a great read if you are interested in learning more about the neurochemistry of high performance states.

Shifting physiology positively.

Imagination can be a powerful vehicle to reduce stress, illness and depression. By becoming more present and focused on positive events and using visualization to push through energetically to a more positive state, we can improve our well-being.

This energy technique can be applied to a wide range of situations such as breaking habits, healing grief, as practical therapy for distraction sickness and can also be used to encourage healing from post-traumatic disorders.

High performance states and energy.

High performance states can include ageless healing, athletic performance and improved cognitive abilities. All of these have energy imprints that can be imagined and felt. And, each can be personalized according to who you are and the energy qualities you wish to embody. The sky is the limit. This is where the power of your imagination can be important in your accelerated path to a new state.

How to step into a new energy state.

Here are 5 basic steps for how to step into a new energy state.

  1. Allow your body to deeply relax. Breathe deeply and allow the body to release any tension it may have.
  2. Clear your energy [ before you can imprint a new energy state]. Imagine a waterfall of light over your head. Let light flood into every cell, clearing out any blockages and filling every cell with radiant energy.
  3. Visualize the state you want to create. Just pick one to focus on. Imagine yourself in that perfect state. Fill in as many details to that experience that you can with your imagination.
  4. Step into the energy of that state. What does it feel like? Let the energy fill you, even if it is for a brief and fleeting moment.
  5. Stay in this imagined state as long as you can. * This technique works best before drifting off to sleep when your consciousness drifts into an alpha [pre sleep] phase. Let your subconscious mind work on this vision overnight to create it.

Making the decision to infuse a new energy state into your life requires intention. If you set aside time to visualize and experience stepping into the energy, the feeling of this new, high performance state, it will become part of your present. Depending on what you are wanting to create, the energy and feeling of that experience will begin to permeate your life and produce results. Whether this is improved health, vitality, a better memory or a new record as a long distance runner or triathlete, it doesn’t matter. You set the goal and the tone for the energy and experience you want to create. Imagination may be the storyteller, but the subconscious mind is the transformational voice that inspires shifts in who we are and are yet to be.

Have a brilliant week!


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