The remarkable Quest to reclaim Joy.

blue sky and skier jumping . Joy on skis.

The quest to reclaim joy has never felt more relevant. No one can deny that time in solitude can change a person’s mind and their decision to really experience more life, greater joy and happiness.

As a person who has lost many people; some with prolonged illnesses, some who died very suddenly with no goodbyes, some who brought extreme grief and others whose traumatic circumstances stayed with me and triggered “fallout” with a song on the radio, simple objects, memories and synchronicities.

None of these deaths were made any easier to process by bumping into people who reminded me of them. I remember a rather strange meeting with a kindly older man who compelled me to move through a crowd [ these were allowed then] just to take a look at him. He reminded me of my dear Dad, but when he turned, of course, he wasn’t Dad and well, his face told me that he didn’t know who I was either. What the heck! It’s bizarre how we reject death in other people and fail to realize on a subtle level we have also died and left behind our old selves. Every “shift” has inspired a kind of heroes journey; a remarkable quest to reclaim Joy.

A Quest for Joy.

Joy is a decision, a really Brave one about how you are going to respond to life.

Wess Stafford.

Beyond daily patterns and any beliefs that we are not as free, there is a spark that recognizes a new level of sovereignty is being catalyzed. It has been reclaimed in solitude and with our focus on what we love and what we choose to do with our time. We can either use time to heal a broken heart or our broken selves or use it to discard things, attitudes, limiting beliefs and negative patterns which no longer serve us. And, then we can find happiness and joy in becoming who we are meant to be. Joy is the fuel. It is the healer. It is the liberator. It is the creative energy that was always there, hidden in frustration and disappointments.

The simple things… with an expanded meaning.

The simple task of making coffee, for instance, can change when we find gratitude and joy. We savour the smell of freshly ground beans, listen to the water fill the pot, see the steam on the milk and feel the taste of the the perfectly steeped crema roll over our taste buds. It is an incredible experience when we step into the moment, appreciating it for its simplicity and complexity at the same time.

Small things expand aliveness and give us joy in feeling alive. They bring a smile, surprises, a quirky response and a recognition of being happy. Appreciation of the simple things and fond memories give more meaning and life to the departed and to what we once were. It is part of the “grief” healing and a path to discovering joy.

Personal power meets the child within.

The inner child creates personal power. Think about it. Isn’t it true that part of what we are lacking is curiosity, exploration with new eyes and fearlessness? If we allow more of these qualities into our lives, it offers a new level of personal power; stepping into a joyfulness that would have been off limits as an “adult”. Testing this is another path to happiness and being who we are meant to be.

Spontaneity and bliss.

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.

Joseph Campbell

Following your bliss. Joseph Campbell defined it in the hero’s journey. It is part of the adventure. Will you say Yes? And, will you allow joy to inspire you to choose differently?

Gratitude attitude.

Being grateful shifts your energy and your perspective. If you appreciate the details, the bigger things will unfold, sometimes in very unexpected ways. No longer pushing so hard to change, but allowing inner change to transform your entire perspective. It might show you opportunities in plain sight that you would have normally dismissed as nothing.

Unplugged but plugging in.

Taking time out isn’t always about escaping. It is redefining boundaries and tapping into your own inner power. Being more present and connected to how you “run your own energy” is essential for plugging into the next step forward. It is part of the heroes journey, stepping inside to tame the response and the pull of the outside.

Protecting quality time.

Less may just be more. Appreciating the time spent reading, relaxing, exercising, having a coffee, connecting with a wonderful person, doing mundane tasks, taking pets for a walk or sitting in the sun, listening to the ocean. These are worth protecting and allowing more life and being into it.

What might have begun as a shift, a loss or a detour in your life may have been there to set you on the remarkable quest for joy. It is significant and will bring you incredible understanding when you take time to be curious, to be more fearlessly alive and present. With so much negativity and opposition to joy, it might seem like a ridiculous idea to even try. But, by allowing just a little more of it into your life, it will heal old wounds and help free you from perceived limits. Just as inner peace can be personalized, joy offers no limits to how it can elevate your life.

Have a happiness-filled week.


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