New doorways to Inner Peace.

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Love and peace do protect us. They allow us to overcome the problems that life hands us. They teach us to survive. To live in the NOW. To have the courage to confront each day. Bernie Seigel

Has anyone told you that with enough meditation practice, inner peace can, over time, be yours? Is that true? Because, in the NOW, it already exists. It only requires a decision to become more present in your own energy.

Energy opens the door unexpectedly to inner peace because it sweeps the clutter, the blockages away and sheds light on the power we already have. Inner light, incredible awareness and presence are part of our magnificent spirits. But this is not an ethereal project that intellect cannot grasp. It is an experience that can move through us when we choose to stop fighting against our own greatness.

Allowing yourself to just “Be”.

Allowing yourself to just “BE” is the new doorway to discovering inner peace. Acceptance and free from the doubts and judgements of others and the self. Your own supreme being sits patiently waiting for the distractions and the nervousness to subside, just enough to let us feel the energy waves ebb and flow. As we settle into the moment, we connect with ourselves more deeply. Here it is possible to know and experience more inner peace.

Grounding your energy.

Being ungrounded makes you reactive and susceptible to others energy and events. By learning to be in your body, fully awake, you enable more personal power, more focus and resilience. You witness others as a silent observer and are able to view events and your own victories and mistakes on another level; a soul level.

No matter what your beliefs are, we all are divine beings, with a consciousness, a purpose and a life path filled with lessons. Being able to sit in a more peaceful zone can change your awareness, your choices, your path and your energy for the better. Here, you have a powerful place of discernment. No longer driven by the past and fearful of the future, you reconnect with the best version of yourself with acceptance and compassion.

Contrary to some descriptions, inner peace does allow for emotions, your authentic self and breeds a new type of happiness by reconnecting with the self. In a way, it is a place of self-discovery.


If you read personal accounts about how others have found inner peace, you will have, likely, stumbled upon the idea of non-attachment. This means allowing events, people and emotions drift past us without personalization. If we observe without thinking about if there are any immediate rewards, what remains are the clean facts and watching events with a new level of recognition. This observed place of non-attachment offers an enlightened perspective and by default, illuminates the best path for us to choose. From here, we are guided naturally into a zero point energy state where we can appreciate how inner peace feels while standing in our personal power.


When we become more present, it changes how we command our personal power in the moment. Since, the Now is the most powerful time for us to act and choose, being distracted by other people, events or being pulled by emotional triggers of the past is energy depleting. Inner peace is always possible if the intention is to learn how to be fully awake and focused in the present. Mindfulness has many manifestations. As you step into your own energy and feel your presence, it pulls your attention to your awareness. More aware, more mindful, more present , more alive here and NOW.

Personal power and boundaries.

Develop personal power through setting healthy boundaries. Or set healthy boundaries and develop personal power. Either starting point achieves a surprising buffer zone of inner peace. Each perspective invites the other. They energetically pull on each other and enable us to find an energetic balance under pressure.

When we have been able to separate out what we will allow into our lives energetically, it is possible to feel more peaceful. Even, if this means we are alone. And, despite how it may look to others who count friends to show their own value, the opposite remains true. Less people, but those who are loving, kind, positive and valued, brings more peace into a life.

Being more present.

Practice being more grounded and present. There is a difference between a grounded state and your presence. For instance, imagine a tree and the roots deep into the ground. When the wind blows, the roots keep the tree strong and in place. Now consider being present. The awareness of your energy running through your body and feeling that energy travel into the ground, to secure and stay rooted is another level of grounding.

If we are not aware of our own life force or how we are running our energy, we remain “energetically” open to influence. Both negative and positive messages can take hold of our thoughts. Use your own energy to ground yourself and reclaim inner peace and your personal power.

Be who you are.

Clearing out energy that doesn’t belong to us and finding inner peace sets the course for an authentic presence to emerge. Being who you are might challenge everyone who thinks they know you. But what is interesting is that when we do choose to be who we are, we re-capture our own energy. We can now use energy in new ways to shield ourselves and to powerfully encourage brave steps forward. Discover a new path to inner peace through moving into your true destiny and expanding fully into who you are meant to be.

There are many and new doorways to inner peace. By being and being You, it is possible to personalize inner peace and create it in your life. Most importantly, inner peace can be created when opposing energies suggest otherwise. Despite conflicts, fear and emotionally manipulative people, stay present, grounded and reconnect to your own energy. Inner peace in all of its beautiful dimensions is already there. The supreme version of yourself is waiting patiently for you to find it within your own “being”. Peace be with you friend.

Wishing you love, health and peace in this holiday season.

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