Energy sensitive? How to power-up under pressure.

energy image, bright sun shining through morning fog

The eagle uses the negative energy of a storm to fly even higher.

Eric Thomas.

Energy sensitivity is a gift. It’s powerful to be able to turn negative energy and even a weakness, into an advantage. But diving more deeply into the energy realm opens you up to more energy and many, that aren’t yours. It is easy to feel surrounded and overwhelmed. And, sometimes we are not even aware that the reason we feel “stuck” or unable to make a choice is because of the invisible tether and influences from negative and unwanted energies.

Imagine a swim event of a triathlon race. See yourself completely surrounded by high energy “others” making waves. Not only do you hear the the splash but you feel their drive, their “energetic” determination to succeed. Does that immersive energy drive you forward or shut you down? My answer. It all depends on where you are or even, think you are in that perceived race and what you are feeling when the amplified energies are felt. Do you feel a definite”clash” or is it just a distraction?

Tapping into Energy.

Energy is our most precious resource, for it is the means that we transform our creative potential into meaningful action.

Tarthang Tulku

Learning more about your own life force energy is critical for stepping quietly and powerfully into your own power under pressure.

Every person will learn about their energy sensitivity through different events, people and places. I have felt two sources of distortion. The first, is external energy, that is generated by the emotional state of people around us. I call it the emotional weather. The second, is the electronic discharge that fuels communications and permeates the life force of the natural environment. Some environments and work spaces are highly charged and others are less charged.

Both man-made and biological energy sources can make you feel reactive, excitement and out of balance. You need to be able to tap into an energy that empowers as you remain grounded and energized, regardless of interference. How can you do that when you are immersed in it?

How to De-select Energy.

Being more tuned into your own well-being, creates an invisible firewall of sorts. We are still susceptible to external energies, but we are more aware of what belongs to us and what does not when we know how to read our own energy.

Finding your own presence can begin with breath and with becoming more grounded. This means being more aware of how we feel, how the energy is moving in our own bodies and becoming more present in the moment. Simple techniques such as noticing a point in the room and then closing your eyes can be an easy starting point. Here, you feel the energy behind your eyes and sit there, more present and gaining more presence.

Continue to breathe and feel energy flow like a waterfall of light or water towards the ground. Tether yourself to the imagined centre of the earth. Feel more grounded and present. Allow this feeling of being more present and grounded to help you gain more mental clarity, intuitive clarity, and to hear your inner guidance. This is how you can power-up under pressure and can separate out energetic interference.

How to clear Energy: three methods.

Breath work:

Breathing deeply and blowing it out slowly clears out energy quickly. It sharpens focus and puts you in touch with how you, as a person, are feeling. Being present and centred energetically gives you an edge in mind and spirit. You can tap into clear inner guidance without feeling dragged down by negative emotions or distractions.

A waterfall of light:

Imagine a waterfall of light over your head. Let light flood down your body, filling every cell with radiant energy and optimizing health. Let the light clear out energy that isn’t yours. And, use light energy to reset, restore, ground and revitalize.

Ground your energy:

Grounding yourself can also be used to pull out negative energy and anything that does not belong to you. Close your eyes and feel the energy of your body flow like lava from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Let the energy move throughout the body. Feel your heart pulse, your finger tips pulse and your toes pulse. Let this energy flow into the ground. Let it move deeper into the earth. Widen this wall of energy and feel your energy and presence becoming more solid. Imagine the negative energy flowing out of you and down a drain, leaving your own energy cleansed and purified. Feel the energy and presence behind your eyes. Open your eyes when you are ready. Notice how your sense of being more present has improved.

Building a protective fortress.

Grounding your energy not only is useful for being present and sorting out which energies belong to you, it can also work as an energetic firewall. No matter what is happening, we can maintain a deep connection and sense of presence. This filters out energy and in essence acts as a protective fortress. As we become more grounded, we naturally feel negative energy dissolve and flow out of us into the ground.

Visualization can also be used to create an energy fortress. In this example, visualize a bubble of light. Imagine energy bouncing off of it and not being able to penetrate visible walls of light. See yourself standing inside of it shining brilliantly, yet remaining untouched. Here is your point of presence and place to step into your zone of inner peace.

Here is an article about stepping into the Zone with your imagination that might be useful.

High performance and sensitivity.

Being able to match energy is essential for stepping into a high performance state. It makes sense to learn how to work with energy as well as be familiar with your own energy and how your energy moves. Because, being able to move energy and step into it to match it and become that higher state of performance will rely on your sensitivity to energy shifts.

Use your visualization and grounding techniques to be more present and focused. Match the energy state in your imagination. Step into the feeling of that state as if you were already in that energy. Allow the rest of you to catch up. Over time, you will be able to see evidence of a transition from your old self to the high performance self. Curious? Test it for yourself.

Energy sensitivity is just as valuable as it is a hindrance. It can be used to intuit next steps and inspire you to move powerfully forward. It can help you create an energy fortress that will give you the power to fly above the negative energy that normally would have dragged you down. Explore techniques for grounding and test them for removing negative energy and for building presence and an energy fortress. It will make a profound difference in how present you are during the day.

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