Energize and Balance your Energy with Colour.

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Energize your body with colour visualizations. Integrate them with your meditation sessions to recharge and balance your energy. This in an incredible tool especially if you are recovering from a strenuous workout or if you are just flat out exhausted and need to find a way to revive your energy.

Here are some thoughts on how you can do this.

To resonate and harmonize implies connecting to an energy and finding a balance with it’s vibration or sound. But what if the source of the energy, the pulse that creates resonance first began with imagining a colour? And, this colour transmutes into a wavelength, a frequency and then moves as energy that literally pings each energy centre of the body?

This phenomenon is called Harmonic Resonance. Often equated with sound waves and frequency, it also holds true for energy waves and vibration which translates into a perceived colour.

Because each chakra resonates with a specific note and sound, it is possible to fine tune the body like an instrument to achieve its optimum vibration and create balance by using the energy of colour as a tuning fork.

Once one chakra is opened and the energy is flooded throughout the body, it pings the other chakras in a sense, shifting their energy. As each chakra has been opened and energized, the entire body , it’s many etheric layers that create the auric field and the other celestial chakras are also being tuned up and brought into a higher frequency.

Traditional Chakra meditations.

Traditional chakra meditations will sequentially move up the chakra system from the root to the crown. The pyramid of colours here are:

  • red[root]
  • orange[sacral]
  • yellow[solar plexus]
  • green[heart]
  • blue[throat]
  • indigo[third eye] and then,
  • violet [crown].

Each chakra system is imagined, unlocked, balanced and then closed. Traditional chakra meditations move from the infra red, highest electromagnetic frequency, at the root chakra to the lowest, ultra-violet frequency, at the crown chakra. So whether one is imagining colour or just focusing on the chakra, it is possible to still tune up your energy systems and find balance.

Sweeping out energy Blocks.

When visualization is added to your meditation, it is possible to not only move energy but revitalize and strengthen it with colour.

By using colour and your own energy it is possible to sweep out blockages and allow the body to recalibrate, fully balance and harmonize with restored energy. The result is improved vitality and good health.

Colour visualizations can also be used to fine tune as you energize the body. This is similar to traditional methods except, inner vision and the third eye, are being used to sense energy, detect imbalances and then, re-energize the body.

Moving Energy and Using Colour.

Tapping into how energy feels and then move it throughout the body takes practice. To start, allow yourself to relax and feel where there might be any tension in the body. Breathe to release any tension you may have. Close your eyes and notice how your energy feels. Are you tired? Stressed out? Impatient? Calm? or Rested?

Imagine a ball of light in the centre of your mind. Allow it to enlarge from a golf ball size to a basket ball size. Now, Drop the ball. Let it travel down your neck, chest, torso, legs and leave from the bottom of your feet. Did you sense an energy moving like lava through your body? You are starting to learn how to move energy. Over time it will seem natural to you to let the energy move like lava throughout your body, shifting the energy and allowing you to balance, energize and relax.

Seeing colour on the other hand is a inner vision skill. You can use your imagination, picturing a red apple or a rose for instance to imagine red.

clear image of a cluster of apples on a tree. Learning how to visualize.

Just as you use energy to flood the body, use colour and it’s wavelength and frequency to activate each chakra system. Flood the body with that colour to open and balance.

Open and closed chakras.

Once each chakra has been opened and balanced, go back to the beginning and imagine all the colours merging and becoming connected to one another by an imaginary string of white light that extends from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Now close each chakra in sequence by imagining each one like the petals on a flower rolling back into it’s closed bud form.

Balancing Energy.

If the intent is just to balance your energy. It is possible to imagine each chakra colour from the root to the crown sweeping throughout the body. See the colour moving energy with it from the base of your spine to the top of your head and then reversing it, from the top of your head to the bottom of your spine.

Energizing the Body.

To energize, imagine a waterfall of white light [ a blend of all colours] over your head. Let the light flood into every cell of your body; illuminating and energizing each cell. Now imagine and feel this energy moving throughout your body.

Visualization and the Third Eye.

Connecting the imagination to the third eye is interesting because you are connecting how something feels as you see it. One easy example would be to imagine an apple. See the colour and imagine how it smells, tastes. Is it in your hand or hanging in a tree in an orchard? Your imagination not only invites you to see something, it invites you to sense it as well. Often, it will activate a strong memory associated with that image or object.

This skill can be used to finely tune your own energy. It is important for staying healthy and it lets you know quickly where you need to focus to restore and energize the body.

Intuitive Guidance.

Use your intuition to help you decide what chakras to focus on. You might be drawn to focus on only two areas. Use energy sweeps to clear and release blockages. Fine tune these with sweeps of colour. If you feel a tightness in your throat, use blue colour sweeps up and down your body to unlock and balance the energy. If you feel a tension at the top of your head, use sweeps of violet to clear and restore. After the colour sweeps and balance, close each chakra by imagining them closing and locking into place.

Basic Colour Visualization Steps:

  • Relax the body.
  • Close your eyes and imagine a small ball of light in your head. Expand it’s size and let the ball drop to your feet.
  • Intuitively sense and feel where there is resistance in the body.
  • Use the colour of that chakra [ or more than one] to fine tune the body. Or you can also move from the base to the top of your head, exploring each of the chakras and their colours and how they feel. Sweep the colour from the base of your spine to the top of your head and then reverse it [top of your head to the base of your spine].
  • If you have chosen to explore all chakras, connect all of them with a line of white light that goes from the base of the spine to the top of your head. Let the colours merge and swirl around you before closing each chakra.
  • Close each chakra once your body feels less resistance and is more energized and balanced.
  • Meditate on and Visualize your intended goal, state of being.
  • Use your more energized and balanced state to powerfully step into the feeling of what you desire as being already here and already achieved.

Colours have a psychological effect when we wear them. But they can also influence how we stay centred, focused and can be more at peace by adding their power to meditations and visualizations. It’s a powerful element we can add with our own imagination to empower, balance and energize.

Have a peaceful week.

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