Use your Imagination to create Quantum Windows.

quantum windows in space.

In a completely relaxed state it is possible to powerfully visualize. Our energy shifts from a blissful state into zero point energy. Here, the body can activate healing, regenerate or transform itself.

Quantum windows are created through observation, our imagination and deep placement in the NOW. We can use our visualization sessions and meditation to tap into the energy of the observer and accelerate results.

Visualization Basics.

There are distinct steps you need to learn and master as a visualizer. Each step appears to be simple. Yet,the more proficient you become at being present and seeing inside your mind’s eye, the more focused you will become. And, by honing a laser-sharp focus, you radically improve your ability to create and remember.

Step 1: Relax

The first step is to relax the body. Many people prefer to sit in a comfortable chair. I prefer to lay down and let all of my muscles relax. Breathe deeply and allow the tension to be released from all of the areas of your body. Let your mind drift. Let yourself feel day-dreamy.

Step 2. Visualize.

The entry phase of visualization is to first see light inside your mind. Just above the eyebrows is your third eye. Imagine turning on a movie screen. See the blank white canvas is illuminated. Flood your mind with light.

Now, picture yourself doing and achieving a desired result. Just as a movie plays out, focus on the end result as if it has already happened. See it in as much detail as possible. Here is an one example. Say you desire a new home. Picture your ideal home, the floor plans and see yourself walking around in it, touching the furniture, living in it as if you already live there.

Add emotional energy to this achievement. What would it feel like if this were true? How would I feel? What would I be wearing, doing and where would I be? Be as detailed as possible. Allow your senses to “act as if”.

Quantum Windows.

Sense and embody the state that you desire. Imagine a doorway of light. Step through it. These are quantum windows created by the observer embodying the experience. Just as a dream takes you through a series of events, the outcome becomes the final window, a quantum window of energy that you pass through.

Step 3. Let it go.

Let the energy behind the visualized state be released. If we hang onto it or wish for it, we are creating a type of energetic drag or resistance. Allow the shift and the results to become reality.

Neuroplasticity and Visualization.

Simply by learning, the brain adapts by building new nerve pathways.
Neuroscientists call this neuroplasticity. Visualization creates powerful inner visual pathways. It expands memory and focus. In deep meditation, your visualization can tether your current energy with your desired state. This, according to NASA, activates a powerful shift in your physiology. Not only are you capable of transforming your mental state and capabilities through “neuroplasticity”. It is possible to activate healing, and physical improvements using visualization.

Observers become Creators.

In quantum theory experiments, Schroedinger pointed out that our focus and perception influenced the outcome. Just by observing an object, an event or an imagined state, the result has already been decided by what we notice and focus on. It makes sense that visualization and holding a desired result in your mind, is influencing the outcome merely through the power of observation. The more detail, the more clarity is achieved in the creation and the result.

Link to the Quantum field with Observation.

Linking with the quantum field through visualization has been debated. Yet, it is possible to use one’s imagination to create, to solve and energetically manipulate outcomes. Albert Einstein, physicist and expert visualizer, used his thought experiments to solve mathematical problems with observations he made in his dream state. What is fantastic is the incredible accuracy of his results. Modern GPS was a dream flying in an elevator. Imagine what your mind can do over time as it trains itself to visualize?

The total number of minds in the universe is one. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings.

-Erwin Schroedinger

Installing High Performance Traits.

One of the areas that visualization shines is in installing high performance traits and in setting goals for athletic performance. Stepping into FLOW states and using visualization to create peak performance in a sport is one way you can install and achieve exceptional results. You can change your beliefs. Change your opinion of what is possible for you. And, see, visualize, the impossible as possible. Breaking through is more than a head shift. It takes immersing yourself in those states by observing it like a dream first.

Deep Sleep is a gateway to Zero Point states.

What about deep sleep? Can we use visualization prior to sleep to shift, heal or improve athletic performance without practice? Absolutely.

Your imagination and subconscious mind can work together elegantly. Pre-program your subconscious mind with visualization by imagining your desired result. It might seem mind-blowing that it is possible to achieve an incredible result without physical practice. But the science is there. All you need to do is move beyond belief. Imagine yourself there already. Picture yourself amazed at a record time. Offer the visual image inside your mind’s eye and then let the subconscious mind continue to work overnight to quicken results.


Consciousness and Quantum Energy.

Is there a connection between consciousness and the quantum field?

To ask and explore this question might seem like digging for God particles. So much has been learned about physics. Yet, there are so many gaps between classical physics and quantum physics that it seems impossible to solve the mystery of consciousness without a new type of physics.

Consciousness poses the most baffling problems in the science of the mind. There is nothing that we know more intimately than conscious experience, but there is nothing that is harder to explain.”

-David Chalmers

Mathematician, physicist Roger Penrose’s book the Emperor’s New Mind suggests that artificial intelligence will never be as material or magnificent as the human mind. No massive machine can ever simulate a soul or connect ideas via imagination on the same incredible level. Not yet, anyhow

Quantum biology may have discovered that microtubules in our brain cells can store information and memory. And, by knowing that proteins fold and unfold in response to a nerve impulse does not solve the problem of human consciousness. Consciousness, according to Penrose, originates at the quantum level inside neurons, rather than the conventional view that it is a product of connections between neurons.

Knowing that being an observer is the same as being a conscious creator is inspiring for the visualizer. It empowers ideas and goals and offers you the power to create, just by stepping through that quantum window.

Have a peaceful and creative week.

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