Create excellent results in Meditation by adding Light.

A sunrise meditation. Person in their centre, flooded with light.

In meditation, we can tap into the immense potential of the quantum field and our own divinity by working with light. Light is energy and our bodies are electro-magnetic entities that have many energetic layers of existence. On the surface we define ourselves as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Yet, our energy is a commanding substance that communicates our nature like a radio broadcast.

There are many names to describe energy; we might call it Chi energy, Prana, Kundalini or Life Force. But beyond that there are layers of understanding and different avenues to explore how this energy works. The chakras are one example of an energetic system and perception of being. Yet, there is another invisible layer. The etheric layer exists beyond the physical. It is a carbon copy, our exact double in energy form. The best analogy would be to imagine a holographic replica of ourselves. We know that it is a mirror image of us and we can identify it as us, only it exists as energy, as spirit.

It is possible to transcend physical limitations and reach the many layers of existence through energy. And, light meditations are one method for opening up a unique gateway to self-mastery and for becoming sensitive to our own divine energy template and our energy bodies.

Using light as a clearing practice.

We can tune into our own energy to sift through energies that don’t belong to us. With regular meditation practice, it is possible to connect and recognize our own natural state. We can identify the assault of distracting thoughts, the negative energy and interference that attacks our emotional states. These can knock us out of alignment, throw us for a loop, pull us down and off balance if we aren’t mindful. But the good news is that it is possible to sweep all of the mind clutter and chatter away by visualizing light flowing through us.

Simple energy clearing technique.

One very simple technique to clear energy is to just imagine a waterfall of light over your head. Let the light flood through your entire body, illuminating and dousing every cell with light energy. Visualize radiant health and an empowered state of being.

Your own sensitivity is a Godsend. Use it to isolate and clear out your energy. Use sensitive states as weapons against negative, dark and destructive patterns. Reclaim your sovereignty with daily meditation and energy tune-ups to gain more mental clarity and inner peace.

Zero point states.

Once the energy of the body is cleared and we learn to travel inward and centre ourselves. Zero point states are instrumental for the expansion of consciousness , the place of power for creation and the direct link to our divinity and our higher selves.

The mind’s movie projector.

Light in the mind’s eye floods the inner mind’s movie screen. Images and what is imagined plays out in vivid detail. You become the creator using light energy as the stuff of creation.

Visualize to focus that pure and powerful presence on a desired state. While imagined, it activates our energy to mirror that experience. And it does that by seeing what we wish to achieve as already achieved.

Creating Energy shields.

Work with light to create energy shields. Use shielding techniques as a method of self-defence. Protect yourself from assaults from negative, draining, vampirish energy and return the energy to it’s sender.

Creating an energy shield with light is one way light meditations can be used. Once you are in a relaxed meditative state, image creating a wall of light that encircles the body. See light above your head and below the feet. Affirm that “I am divinely guided and infinitely protected. ” Set the intention that all toxic energy that has contact with your shield will bounce off your shield of Light and return to it’s source.

Light is a conduit for self-mastery.

It is possible to tap into a new mindset through meditation and visualization. By experiencing more inner peace, more focus, more balance we open ourselves to our deeper selves; our higher self, divine template and the expansion of consciousness.

Is this the road to enlightenment? Lifelong meditators will tell you about the new expressions of the practice over the years. Moments of extreme joy, experiencing time compression and incredible insights. But the greatest gift is what you choose to recognize and value. Expect a natural improvement of well-being, a gentle healing of toxic emotional and mental states and a powerful inner stability.

Using Light to accelerate healing paths.

Light can be used to clear out physical and emotional traumas. And, through light we can shift our consciousness, expand our awareness and perception and learn to master our emotions and physical being.

Can light heal? Modern experiments with light by biologists shows that the exposure of organisms might be a way we can transform the energy of a cell. And, just maybe, meditations with light will take on a more profound meaning as a self-healing technique and a health restorative practice.

Light Meditations for ascending and building vitality.

When we talk about light bodies, we see ourselves evolving, triggering our “junk DNA” to embody light energy and ascend the old density of the self. And, in doing so, moving toward another ascended state that awakens our genetic codes.

“DNA is a liquid crystalline substance that acts as an attenae, receiver, transmitter of holographic information”.

Linda Gadbois Jan 18,2018 article in MedCrave: Spiritual Scientist

Perhaps the use of light to re-energize cells and build radiant health might be more than an imagined experience? What Gadbois suggests is that it is possible to program the DNA through a virtual memory. Just as NASA proved visualizations can trigger physical transformation. We become what we think about and imagine.

Finding new ways to upgrade our energy, become healthy and more vital as we age might begin with introducing light to our bodies through the power of the imagination and exquisite meditations with light.

There are so many dimensions of being that we can explore, simply by closing our eyes and choosing to relax. Test it for yourself. Play with Light. Use it as a form of spiritual martial arts to shield or as a way to empower and to rejuvenate.

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