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A clear lake with wooden posts to illustrate mental clarity.

Visual Meditations are a blend of meditation, mindfulness and focused imagination. Use your capacity to imagine to shift your physiology toward improved athletic performance, an excellent recovery or toward a high performance state.






Blue Sky Meditation.

blue northern lights. Blue sky meditation for mind chatter.
Stress Relief
  • Reduce stress
  • Regain focus
  • Soothe mind-chatter

Most people think of happiness when they think of a day with a blue sky. Clear skies, a vacation, a cycling trip, skiing , being near a beach etc. Use this imagery along with a wonderful memory to release stress. Wrao yourself in a blue sky. All it takes is 8 minutes to clear, calm and re-set your mind.

This meditation can be done in stealth mode with your eyes open if you can let images flash across your mind’s eye. Listen to a sound sample on Soundcloud or Visit Store.


Meditation for Deep Relaxation.

  • Restore your energy.
  • Deeply Relax in less time.
  • Suited for sitting or laying still or walking meditations.
  • Easily learned with incredible benefits.


Deep Relaxation in less time. Just 8 minutes to rest, restore and recharge your energy or enter into a high performance state. Listen while sitting still or in walking meditations.

Here is a sample of the full track on Youtube [best listening experience with a headset] or Visit STORE. Also available for purchase through AUDIBLE and AMAZON.

Meditation for Mental Clarity & Enhanced Memory

A clear lake with wooden posts to illustrate mental clarity.
Enhanced Memory
  • Improve your ability to focus.
  • Increase mental clarity.
  • Teach your mind to notice details and improve its memory.

Can you picture something in your mind? If you can, you are well on your way to improving your memory with a simple visualization technique.

Use images to recall details. Relax and listen to the sound, your own breath and imagine creating a new super information highway to recall details and focus. Improve mental clarity and enhance memory with a simple ten minute meditation. Listen to an audio sample on Soundcloud. Visit STORE


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For many decades athletes have achieved their personal best using visualization to train mentally for an event. Little did they know that they were transforming their own physiology with their imagination. A powerful and very real mode to create and accelerate results, visualization has been validated by NASA in 2010. I have personally used this technique to recover from a cycling accident, to relax and to improve my ability to focus. I hope you will explore and try these meditations for yourself.

Just a few minutes a day will strengthen your ability to focus, imagine and create.

The potential to meditate, visualize and create incredible shifts in human performance is empowering and exciting. These 4 visual meditations are only the beginning. More imagery and soundscapes to capture focus and accelerate results are on the horizon. Thank you for visiting Lightspeed!

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