7 methods essential for Stress-relief.

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Daily meditation can be an essential tool for managing and healing stress. Many people are suffering silently with high stress loads. And, without a way to heal and ease themselves forward, it can have a negative impact on their physical and mental well-being as well as everyone around them. Anyone who can listen to energy is able to identify and see the pressure in others and the suppressed rage. Empaths and intuitive’s also see that this pent up, volatile energy is on the verge of release. Many of us are stepping up to offer our ideas on how to heal stress and protect minds from distorted energy.

This post offers my own perspective on contending with a lot of stress. The intention is to open the reader up to some simple remedies that can work well when you are afraid and in overwhelm. There are many ways to solving this puzzle. All that matters is that you are willing to take the time to revive and heal. Love of oneself is needed because we can only help others when we love ourselves enough to learn how to protect ourselves and to heal old wounds.

Daily Meditation: The way out is inward.

When we are quiet enough, the way out of the anger and the frustration is inward. A very simple meditation practice can be enough to soothe. But, even if you can’t focus, just sit or lay down, close your eyes. Stop yourself from reacting and just let the mind, spin. Imagine yourself observing you. See the energy whir inside your mind. Then, visualize a waterfall of light sweeping through the body, starting at the top of your head and down to your toes. Watch the light clear out the dark vibes and the fear.

This POWER-RESET allows you to reclaim your power. Once you are clear, you can stand more aware and awake in the present moment without being pulled in or knocked off centre by bad-ass energy.

Create an Energy fortress.

In my Listening to Energy blog two weeks ago, I mentioned how we are sensitive to energy. And, how many of us are not aware that we are absorbing energy or being influenced by it emotionally.

A negative thought is a not always a symptom. But it is essential to establish your own energy fortress to prevent yourself from being drained or dominated by disruptive energy. Recognize that it’s just distraction and overwhelm. Step aside or just close your eyes for a minute to dump toxic energy. All you need to do is pay attention to how you feel inside. Purge the acquired energy. Let it go. Just affirm, “I am now releasing the energy that does not belong to me.” If you are sensitive, you will notice the shift in how you feel immediately.

TWO ways to build an energy fortress:

Meditation. Daily meditation is essential and important to monitor and protect your own energy. Consistent meditation and visualization will allow you to become more comfortable and peaceful inside as well as help you to recognize what is triggering negative feelings. The more skilled you become in meditation, the more natural and easy it will become to tune-inwards and re-set your state.

The second method you can use is to visualize an energy fortress around you. Imagine mirrors above your head. Then, see mirrors below your feet and surrounding you like a box. Next, visualize all of the dark energy reflecting off of these mirrors. Send it back to it’s source.

Use protection affirmations or prayers and imagine yourself surrounded by light or wearing an armour of Light. Test it and see if you notice a change in how you feel or the “climate change” in your day.

Diet deficiencies and mind space.

Feeling blah? Drained? Hard time focusing? Give your mind more vitamins, minerals, trace metals and micro-nutrients to accelerate it’s capacity to think faster and process information. A toxic state can impede your ability to fight against infection and pernicious energy. Our good health is so important and recent events have changed our perspective on being together, how medicine innovates, and where global communities can play a role in healing grief. Food is medicine. Choose nutrient dense foods to help your body’s immune system thrive and protect your mental health.

Water and shifting stress/ physical states.

The body is 70-80 percent water. Your level of hydration changes your energy and mental vitality. When you feel overwhelmed and stressed out, make sure you are drinking enough water. Flush out toxic emotions and allow the body to carry nutrients to all cells and heal itself.

  • Studies have proved that energy of thought can change water composition. This only validates how our “composition” can be affected by energy. Before you drink your water, try holding your water glass and Bless your water with love, peace and vibrant health.

Exercise your right to be healthy.

Move every day. Stay active. It will purge your body of toxins through sweat and breathing. And, all the happy chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphins will elevate your energy and mood. A win-win.

Continuous-loop thinking.

Have you ever seen a computer screen freeze? You mind can re-visit a thought, replay it and cause you to be consumed by it. Trying to rethink and solve a problem can invite panic and disrupted sleep. You need to find a way to toss the fear and find clarity.

The best way to reboot your mind-space is to sleep. Take time before bed-time to turn off electronic devices, dim lights, have a warm bath or shower and then, use your meditation breaths to relax your body. Allow more time to relax before sleep. This will prepare the body and will ease and soothe a hyper-thought state.

Still can’t calm your mind down?

Lay down and get comfortable. Use your pillows to cradle your head and support your shoulders. Breathe deeply. Try to place yourself in a meditative state, if possible. If this doesn’t work, then try to Visualize yourself sleeping deeply and becoming very relaxed. Visualize yourself taking deep breaths and expelling dark energy. Notice how the mind is being calmed and soothed with each deep breath. Just a few moments might be enough to get you to fall asleep. Be sure to set your alarm first!

Fall-out and victory.

It is true that we can become triggered by negative energy and the lack of “containment” of other’s emotions. But responsibility and the power resides with you. You can control how you respond to anything, including emotional triggers. And being more empowered about your own energy and your mind-space will help you to manage any emotional fallout and help you to stand in the present more powerfully. This is a profound victory of self love.

These are just a few measures that cost you nothing but allow you to find more mental clarity and focus. Distraction sickness is pervasive. But, we need to be mindful of the energy we are receiving as well. Both distraction and energy bombardment can steal our energy and time. Time to be with those we love and to fulfill our unique purpose. Time we can use to heal and empower ourselves.

Take back your power.

Aside from creating an energy fortress, also consider creating a mental sanctuary. I have described in detail how to do that in another post.

  • Visualize achieving a goal or desired state. Visit that on a daily basis. It motivates, empowers and keeps you on track.
  • Take daily empowered steps forward.
  • Monitor your energy and re-set as needed.
  • Reward yourself for taking action.
  • Stay on purpose. Use your unique talents and gifts to help others.

By mastering and learning how to re-set your energy, you will be helping many people around you. Love, Peace, Good Health, my global friends and family.


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