Listening to Energy.

A face filled with dots of light, interconnected. Receiving light energy.

We are sensory beings and energetic ones mapped to receive information through our eyes, nose, taste buds, touch and ears. But what about energy itself? Is it possible to discern energy around us and within us just like a chef is able to detect ingredients of a recipe or a perfumer is able to decipher the perfect blend? Definitely-Yes.

You can sharpen your natural ability to tap into energy around you, learn to listen deeply through meditation and then, use it to navigate powerful choices and decisions. Being open to receive information “downloads” and to listen to energy, is an essential survival skill.

Intuitive listening.

Have you ever walked into a building and felt compelled to turn around and leave? Did you ever meet someone and see them as projecting they are ok, but you saw despair and a deep depression beneath the smile? Or have you ever walked into a room and felt like, something had happened or someone wasn’t happy? Then, you are already receiving energy and opening to the possibility of intuitively listening to energy. Your intuitive voice is there to alert you to clashes in energy, to alert you to opportunities as well as operate as a safety beacon of sorts. It will let you know when things are not right or are dangerous. Your inner guide will offer you energetic feedback and will give you intuitive insights and physical prompts such as a gut feeling on the next steps to take to succeed.

Discernment of “ingredients”.

It might seem exceptional to be able to detect the ingredients of a recipe by tasting it. But, chefs learn this from experience and their knowledge of ingredients, how they combine and how they smell. Perfumers learn to smell and discern hidden ingredients. Chefs use their palette, their eyes and their noses. Perfumers use their eyes and noses. But when it comes to energy, there is a need to be clear, feel clear and to know what is interference and what isn’t.

But, are you listening to “interference”?

Listening to interference energy intentionally or by accident, is more common that we realize. Have you ever walked into a room and you noticed your mood changed? Have you ever felt suddenly fearful when you had been feeling ok and wondered “where did that come from”? Chances are you are reading energy. While you might not be receiving intuitive hits, it still is confusing figuring out if this feeling is intuition speaking or if this is really environmental”interference” energy.

Negative environments can leave you tired and drained. How? You receive and pick up energy, allow it to attach to your emotions and it can influence your energy field. On the other hand, intuitive hits are powerful and distinct. They literally pull on your gut to stay, leave, go back home, take an alternate route to work or to not answer that phone call. They feel more like an impulse rather than a vibe. But, only you can learn the difference through your own life experience and by listening to energy.

Emotions are feedback and fallout.

Listening to your own intuitive voice and tapping into your external environment allows you to discern what is yours and what is “interference”. To dial in and read energy is a sensory as well as intuitive skill. Learn and practise tapping into your own energy field through meditation practice and visualization. You can use how you feel to decipher information received.

Why go there?

Why would knowing how to tune-in be important? Sensitive people will be the first to tell you that knowing something that doesn’t seem obvious to others can be an advantage and a problem. Being bombarded by bad emotional weather in a crowded place can easily lay out an empath for days. Many prefer to be alone or spend long hours alone or in nature to cleanse their energy from “toxic environments”.

Empaths are mindful of others who are less sensitive and emotionally closed off. They realize that an emotional fortress can broken down with a poor or inaccurate reading of the information received. Energy of environments can trigger intensely explosive responses when there is no receptivity to mastering ones inner energy and awareness. And, when there is no interest or discernment as to how to hone their skills working with environmental energy.

Sharpening your ability to listen.

Sharpen your ability to listen to energy. Natural energy gateways to self awareness can lead us to developing an understanding of the energetic weather around us and wherever we are. Both meditation and visualization demand presence and present moment thinking. They call for you to scan and search through your mind, body and soul for feedback and insight. Knowing how your energy is and what can distort it is invaluable to your mental health and capacity to deal with stress. Where to start?

Reading your own energy.

Tapping into your own energy is the first and important step in learning how to listen to energy. Meditation forces you to sit or lay down and relax. Through breath we slow down and open our intuitive ears to how we are feeling. What area[s] of my body is/are more tense? Is my mind distracted by energy or by thoughts? Are these thoughts repetitive and emotional? What is my energy level right now? Is is low, moderate or high vibe? Am I feeling empowered or challenged?

Clearing energy.

You can clear/clean your energy using your imagination. Imagine a waterfall of light over your head. Let the light flood through the crown of your head to the tips of your toes. Let the energy wash through you and visualize the light adding vitality to every cell in your body. See yourself glow with radiant health and feel an elevated state of well-being.

You are now able to tune into your own energy field and your own body. You are more likely to suddenly realize what was there before was just interference. Through meditation and visualization you gain more mental clarity, more self awareness and emotional intelligence. It is possible to manage emotional overload and stress through energy clearing techniques and just by being able to discern “interference”. Protect your energy. Dismantle environmental distortion and emotional triggers.

Focusing energy with visualization.

Visualization takes the image of something desired and allows you to step into the feeling of the state you wish to achieve. Being clear with your own energy accelerates the leap to the state desired. With clouds of energetic interference blown away, it is possible to focus your energy from within to create more powerfully.

Receptive to energy.

Being receptive to receiving information , expanding self-awareness is part of the listening process. We can heal our triggered emotions by learning how to read energy. It is a skill not unlike a chef or a perfumer. Dedicated time in meditation, checking into ones own energy and clearing away interference is a skill that will protect your mind and emotions from being reactive to toxic energy input.

Everyone is listening to ENERGY.

We are all listening to energy. And, susceptible to information downloads that can throw us off balance. Empower your energy field with self awareness. Use meditation to evaluate your energy each day. It will make all the difference between being a more powerful version of you or becoming negatively pulled by the energy of your environment.

Have a peaceful week.


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