Universal Collaboration.

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Is being in the right place at the right time just Synchronicity? Or is it another type of Flow state that we can describe as universal collaboration?

If you explore this as a meditator and as a visualizer, it makes sense to see universal collaboration as a marker of re-calibration, a mirror of your progress and as a type of Flow to interact with.


Tuning into your own energy and learning to be more mindful through meditation changes your awareness. It is like turning a radio dial to a new wavelength, a new channel and now being able to listen to and receive new insights and opportunities. Adjustments in our energy sends a signal that places us in direct alignment with new experiences. The universe collaborates with this new signal, offering the next logical steps toward a goal once you change your perception. Change your perception. Change your experience of the events and the coincidences along the way.


Visualization can re-calibrate your attention span and sharpen your focus. Just by noticing more details brings together the potential to see more coincidences and patterns. It opens the mind to new opportunities that were not obvious in your thinking. An example would be buying a new car and then noticing how many people have the same model and colour. Similarly, being able to visualize something very clearly and then use your ability to focus to step into that state, shifts consciousness [mind-set] and has the potential to shift physiology. You can bring yourself into alignment by choosing to focus, by expanding your capacity to reach into your goal state and by allowing the universe to reflect back to you experiences and coincidences.


Align with circumstances and circumstances will align with you.

Sky Nelson-Isaacs

Igniting flow and stepping into it brings you into alignment for moving into new circumstances. You can also change your energy state from the inside out, and transform your trajectory toward a goal by stepping into it’s completion. Imagine yourself already there and explore how that feels. Use meditation, visualization and flow inducing activities to become more focused, present and empowered. These are triggers for moving forward into new opportunities and for the energetic GO flag to be waved for universal collaboration.

Imprinting new realities.

Imagine seeing yourself achieve an athletic goal and stepping into a high performance state. By imprinting the feeling of achieving that goal, imagining how you would feel; your emotions, your muscles and even to the extent of how your clothes feel on your body, creates a memory. Even though the true event and achievement did not physically take place, it can cause a shift in physiology without physical practice. Incredible “engineered” alignment with conditions changes outcomes. Universal collaboration is activated on another level, just by reaching inward and using your imagination to create a new possibility.

Zero Point States.

What is perceived as a state of relaxation, a state of meditation, is a space filled with the energetic potential to create. Not only does our ability to visualize become a powerful tool to potentially shift our physiology. Possibilities to create move beyond images in your own mind to that of energy.

Zero Point states in Meditation.

Zero point energy in quantum mechanics describes waves of energy moving in and out of existence, changing energy states. Sub-atomic particles existing and then, not and then flowing back into existence requires zero point energy. Meditation has an internal place within our energy bodies to re-set energy and to create an equivalent zero point state. Powerfully, the meditator can energize thought with visualization. And, create laser focus and intention with that energy.

To read more about zero point states see Lightspeed’s article on Zero point states and Meditation.

Energy and Physics.

A change in energy will be reflected in how experiences are created and mirrored back to you. Imagining something, triggers a feeling. It builds an energetic bridge to that thing or event you are imagining. It is fine-tuning your energy and aligning you to that which you are thinking about. The universe collaborates by bringing ideas and events into your experience. As you move into a creative flow state and step into alignment with the cosmos, the collaboration moves to another energetic level. You can enter flow states by seeing yourself in them already and anticipate experiences with your imagination; pulling in universal flow, coincidences and more triggers to create those conditions.

Can we invite universal collaboration by just changing our inner landscape with meditation and visualization? Or, do we need to step toward and align with conditions to call in experiences and synchronous events?

Learning to use your well-being, your perception, focus and energy to trigger flow states as well as stepping toward experiences and aligning with new conditions might be, in my opinion, the most powerful energetic combination for creating universal collaboration.

While we may never see how fast we might be energetically shifting with daily meditation and visualization, synchronous events are there to tell us about our alignment with new paths and conditions. They are cooperative markers on our path to self-empowerment and expanded awareness.

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