Healing Waves Meditation.

An energy pulse, illuminating the body at the molecular level.

Survival of the fittest isn’t about being strong, it is about having the capacity to imagine, to create in spite of conditions. “

Viktor Frankl , Man’s Search for Meaning.


Stress level awareness.

As each country unifies to combat a virus, we have all been given an instant awareness of stress. Have you seen changes in your fatigue levels? Are you seeing evidence of emotional burnout? It is very hard to say whether this stress burden has always been there and we have been too busy to notice it. Or, if its because there have been big changes to “stress reduction” activities due to quarantine and things have become worse, heavier and more noticeable. It may be both. Knowing how we are, truly, is so important. We need to realize where we are in order to get our health back, especially our mental health.

Impact on body, mind and spirit.

There is a lot of visible frustration and anxiety. Even, amid enforced displays of patience and in long line ups with proper social distancing. Everyone is coping with the illness on many levels; physically, emotionally, psychologically and, are knowingly and unknowingly, being triggered on a deep soul level.

How to ease pressure.

To help ease the sense of being trapped, use your meditation and visualization sessions to sweep away tension, stress and general malaise. It may not give permanent relief but it will relieve some of the stress burden if done on a regular basis. You can use either meditation or visualization for self-assessment. Let them lead you to understand where you are energetically, how healthy, how stressed and how out of balance you are right now. Then, use your sessions to concentrate on healing areas of weakness.

Relaxation techniques are pivotal for placing you in the right head space for seeing better for yourself. Imagination can be strategically used to create a shift in your physical state that will release negative patterns. Combine them for powerful results. For example, see yourself strong, and healthy. Visualize happiness, your life as you would love it to be. Step into that state and how it would feel as if it already exists.

The power of your own imagination.

Using imagination to free yourself while still under lockdown might seem ridiculous to some. Yet, Viktor Frankl, noted psychiatrist who survived the Holocaust, credits survival not to strength but to the ability to imagine. It changes your mental state and helps you to find meaning in difficult conditions.

Einstein used his imagination a hundred years ago to play with and test his ideas. His calculations [ the basis for GPS technology], even with the advancement of technology, have been proven to be incredibly accurate. And, all due to what he called ” thought experiments”. This is an incredible resource you can use in lockdown to test out different decisions. Your imagination will liberate you, give you hope and will help you choose wisely even when you feel stuck.

Use your imagination as a survival tool. When combined, meditation and visualization can be used to shift states. Meditation can set the stage, get the body, mind and spirit relaxed and open to seeing, imagining. Visualization creates more focus and sharper imagery in your own mind. This has been shown to shift neurochemistry and physiology toward envisioned states. If you see yourself strong, it will encourage the body to move toward that state. So imagine wisely! Imagine a strong, balanced and vital state. See it achieved and imagine how that feels.

Healing waves meditation.

Here is an example of what a session might look like for stepping beyond fear and anxiety. It can also be adapted to your needs as you move forward.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down and close your eyes. You can allow silence to bring you back into balance or infuse your environment with soft nature sounds. Both work well depending on your mood. Use your intuition to choose what is best for you in the moment.


Breathe deeply and imagine inhaled oxygen travelling to and into every cell, revitalizing energy, fine tuning the body, healing it by enabling chemical reactions to take place that promote vitality. When you inhale, breathe in vitality. As you exhale, breathe out negative energy, stress and anxiety.

Clear your energy.

Next, imagine a waterfall of light over your head. Let the light flood into every cell, optimizing energy and restoring every cell to perfect health. See yourself fill with light and glow with radiant health.

Grounding your energy.

See light pass from the top of your head and out of your feet, driving into the earth and extending out like tree roots. Breathe in light and breathe out negative fear energy. See yourself become energetically calm and balanced.

Decluttering the mind.

Imagine scanning your mind with a flashlight. Notice any areas that are in darkness. See them filled with imaginary cobwebs. Watch a beam of light sweep through your mind, removing darkness and clearing away any mental clutter.

Releasing fear.

Focus on your heart. Fill your heart with light and watch it grow brighter. Imagine this light as love, self-love. Send this light out to your mind, body and spirit. As you do, see negative energy, fear and anxiety evaporate. Let love wash over you. Feel calm, peaceful and in a state of balance.


Use your imagination to visualize a desired state. Focus on the present, your power state, and see what you desire as already here, already achieved. See your visualize state it in detail. Imagine how it would be lived, experienced and felt.

Step into your desired state.

As you focus on your desired state, step into the feeling of that state as powerfully as you can. How would it feel to be strong, healthy and happy? Let your emotions guide you to create it and embrace that feeling in your body right now.

It doesn’t matter if you are having a hard time feeling a desired state. Even if it’s a fleeting glimpse it has transformative power. Know that if you can visualize it, it has power to shift your consciousness, your subconscious and your physical state. Just visit this meditation and visualization on a consistent basis to reinforce and create results.

Let your subconscious mind go to work.

Whatever you wish to create, see it in it’s achieved state. Only your beliefs and perception of limitations are holding you back. All you need to do is allow your subconscious mind to go to work while you sleep, creating the state you desire.

Visualization blended with a meditation practice is essential for empowering, healing, transforming and excelling at anything you wish to create for yourself. Now more than ever, it is a survival tool that can be powered by your own imagination.

*** In my last blog post, I talked about creating a sanctuary in your own mind. And, how a daily ritual is vital for easing fear in changing conditions. Explore all the possibilities and see what works for you. Here is a link to that post.

I created a visual meditation for mental clarity. To Learn more click here or Visit Lightspeed’s online Store to listen to a sound clip.

Sending you healing waves of Peace and supreme health energy.





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