Silence: the Space between.

Waves of light. Quantum imagery. Energy centred and spinning out in photon waves.

The virus of fear can destroy focus and powerful states of being fully present that can be used to protect you from poor decisions and a lack of mental clarity. How do you find it when you are afraid?

Breathe deeply for a few minutes and close your eyes. Let the thoughts go that interrupt your inner silence. Recognize two types of “peacefulness”. One type is silent. The other type of peacefulness is how you feel.

Types of Peacefulness.

There many other forms of peacefulness as you begin to relax. Peacefulness from reduced distractedness in your thoughts. A peacefulness from a shift in and reduction of the intensity of your emotions. Peacefulness from a shift in your energy; feeling more focused and empowered.

Noise cancellation.

When we meditate we can reap the benefits of finding moments of calm, a zero point state, that you need to cancel out noise. Noise in our environment influences our distraction and attention. When news is riddled with fear and negative statistics, meditation can be used as a counter-weapon to bring us back into our own power and help us find our own centre through a simple breathing technique. We can reclaim the silence we need to move forward with strength.

Learning to dial down the intensity of fear.

While conditions invite you to fear, it is possible to dial down the intensity of our anxiety and make better decisions with meditation and visualization. This is not ignoring the threat. But it does help you to visualize and problem solve in a more empowered way.

Peacefulness is not out of reach or a gift only to those who have put in thousands of hours of cushion time. While it is desired to be peaceful, most, by how it feels, it can be achieved by the silence and taking time out from the chaos. This is noise cancellation at it’s best.

Meditation, an empowerment tool for inner peace.

You can choose to empower yourself with this type of inner peace. For many people, it might not be possible to sleep well. And the thought of taking time out might be traumatizing and limiting. But you can protect and strengthen your mind, body and spirit with meditation practise even with varying levels of experience. It doesn’t have to be a long session. Just breathing deeply and closing your eyes for two minutes can reset your energy and give you a break from the stress.

Combine meditation and visualization for problem-solving.

Combining meditation with visualization is very powerful for transforming your state and for problem-solving. Use your meditation sessions to imagine different scenarios and for choosing the best path for who you are. Not only can this help cancel out the noise but give you back your empowered self and free you from over-riding fear.

Silence doesn’t need to be a form of punishment. Being able to find peacefulness and be fully present in it is a precious gift when one is stressed and afraid. Use your meditation to empower and strengthen with the silent spaces between. No matter what skill level you have, waves of silence can heal in very powerful ways.

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