Inner Flight and Quantum Mechanics.

Sunlight through a deep forest.

To chart and navigate a path, you need to align the visible horizon with the sun, the moon or the stars. The angle created between these markers, allows you to calculate distance and the direction.

How do we chart our way with meditation and visualization? Do we use inner flight, our mental imagery, imagination and our senses to find direction? A meditative vector perhaps, to figure out problems or to create a new and powerful direction? It may not appear to be like the same physical path that migratory birds take or that honey bees use to target food sources, but visualization as a navigational tool is a curious experiment.

A hundred year old innovation.

In 1905, Einstein used his thought experiments to decipher the Special Theory of Relativity. His imagination and visualized states charted the movement of a train and showed what happens to the observer relative to that moving object. It revolutionized how we live in the world today. GPS on our phones, located by satellite, is one example. Is this really solid proof that navigational elements are present inside our visualization and meditative states? Definitely, there is an elephant in the room. It’s the one hundred year old evidence that visualization can reach out beyond that mind-space reality and solve complex problems that implores us to search for more proof. And, to look at how other creatures navigate for more clues.

Birds of a feather?

A bird’s navigation system can be explained by quantum mechanics. In 1990 scientists discovered and now know, that the bird’s eye acts as a compass. Light [photons] enter the eye and two electrons spin either up or down. The excited photon makes sense of the magnetic field of the Earth. This defines direction. As the seasons change, the shift in light and the magnetic field influence migration habits and flight paths.

Bees similarly, use the sun and their angle to it to navigate to and from the hive and food sources. Scientists say bees remember this angle in part by observation [exploratory memory] and part by spatial memory.

Spiritual compass.

Could meditative and visualization place us in direct alignment with our own compass? If you take a spiritual perspective, I would say YES. Connection to God or a higher power, to the Universe and listening for inner guidance is accepted as a devotional practise. It is one way to create inner peace and experience more compassion.

As for quantum energy influencing that compass through external input such as light energy [ photons] like our feathered friends or by entanglement, is open for scientific enquiry, experiment and interpretation. Tracking meditative states and energy would expose the meditator as either under the influence of “God” or Universal energy or it just might demonstrate we are just energy beacons using magnetic energy of the heart to shift the energy around us. For now, these pursuits are deemed as career destroying pursuits. Yet, during Einstein’s time, the concept of a photon packet was considered to be radical. And, it was also discounted by other physicists. Yet, that scientific phenomenon is today, well-established and accepted.

During the mid 1800’s and early 1900’s spirituality and science merged; only to be separated again for a century. As incredible scientific discoveries shift our sense of the world, it is possible that we will experience another wave where spirituality and science will meet again. Maybe then, we will gain a better understanding of how visualization and meditation help us to navigate the world and how it helps us to show up in it.

In the meantime, use your meditation and visualization sessions to become more clear, focused and peaceful in a stressful world. This is a precious skill. Find your own way. Discover what the right path is for you and know that while navigation of various new forms are yet to be unhinged, your own thought experiments might give you valuable insight.

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