Mental Clarity, a new twist.

A clear lake with wooden posts to illustrate mental clarity.

A deep state exists that can sweep away the mind’s chatter. Many assert that it is only achievable through disciplined meditation practise. Yet, visualization, even for a short time, can create snapshots of that deep state and inner peace. Likewise, prayer can initiate a deep state as one listens for guidance. Relaxation and day-dreaming can also switch off your mind chatter. Both allow your mind to shift toward creating images, unveiling a story and relaying a deep subconscious message. With little effort it is possible to enter into “the zone” normally thought only accessible with an established meditation practise.

Mental clarity is an essential skill that can be developed.

Being able to use meditation, prayer, visualization, and even, day-dreaming to learn to focus can enhance your ability to combat against brain fog, a poor memory and electronic distraction sickness. Many people suffer from overwhelm and information overload. They find it challenging to retain information, especially detail, and waste a lot of time searching for previously visited and learned information. Precious time is being stolen and diverted.

At first blush, the habit of being forgetful or genuinely distracted in a busy environment might seem normal. But, it can progress and become more serious. Not being able to be fully present, losing your observation skills might be placing you in a position of dependency. Not only will you have to rely on others to remember things, you could lose your grip on “basic functioning” in a very fast moving technological world.

Learning to keep your mind sharp and open to information detail changes life in many ways. But it doesn’t have to be painful or a chore. Finding a method that works best with your fundamental nature will enable you to become more naturally focused and deliberate in your own life. The improvement in mental clarity will set you free to pursue more of what you love and save a lot of time.

Meditation propagates another state of being.

By learning to relax your body and let thoughts travel through your mind without resistance, it is possible to enter deeper levels of meditation and create more mental clarity. With practise, it is possible to become more present, more observant and mindful. You are able to observe your own self and your environment with an increased sharpness. Distractions won’t get in your way quite the same and you are able to come back to centre faster under pressure. And, even more illuminating, as you progress with meditation, you can use how you are feeling, what you are seeing in your mind’s eye, a sound, a memory, events etc to sharpen your mental clarity and enhance your memory. All of these sensory tags can help you to make better decisions under pressure.

Meditation creates:

  • presence
  • stillness
  • focus
  • self-observation skills
  • calms distractions
  • enables a return to centre faster under stress/pressure
  • uses sensory tags to become clear; sight, sound, memories, events, feelings
  • aids in decision-making under pressure

Visualization for sharpening memory and mental clarity.

By comparison, visualization breeds laser-like focus and mental clarity. The challenge, especially in the beginning, is being able to focus for extended periods of time. However with a little bit of practise it is possible to not be in a meditative state, still relaxed and capable of creating mental snapshots of events. These can be moulded into stories and made more vivid by connecting them with memories or filed in your mind with your own creative categories.

The gift of visualization is that it can enhance your ability to remember. As you learn to place yourself in a deep state, even for a few short minutes, you can sharpen your mind and achieve greater mental clarity that makes it possible to absorb more detail.

A new twist on combining meditation with visualization.

Visualization creates laser-like focus but combined with meditation skills gives you greater mental clarity and superb recall capabilities. All that is required is consistent practise.

In time, you will find it easier to make mental snapshots of things, events and information as if you were taking a photo. While it can appear to be photographic memory in the making, from my own experience, I believe that observation skills, memories as well as how the observer is feeling is what is fuelling the creation of mental clarity on a new level. And, that sharpness in detail is being created by using your skill in mindfulness to tag each specific memory.

There are many gateways to creating the experience of mindfulness and mental clarity. With incredible demands on your attention and daily delivery of information in ten second bytes, it is essential to be able to clear out information overload and begin to make more powerful use of your time and mind.

While no single method is perfect. Each one has its unique gifts and challenges in its ability to meet the demands of a distracted mind and an overwhelmed state. For me, the merger between prayer/meditation and visualization is particularly powerful. Try combinations that suit who you are. Test your skills. Refine your ability to be mindful amidst overwhelm. Find your triggers for creating excellent mental snapshots. And, discover that your abilities are only limited by old definitions and experiences. You really are capable of so much more.

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