Zero Point States in Meditation.

waves and particles, quantum energy depiction.

What is perceived as a state of relaxation, a state of meditation, is a space filled with the energetic potential to create. Not only does our ability to visualize become a powerful tool to potentially shift our physiology. Possibilities to create move beyond images in your own mind to that of energy.

Zero Point states in Meditation.

Zero point energy in quantum mechanics describes waves of energy moving in and out of existence, changing energy states. Sub-atomic particles existing and then, not and then flowing back into existence requires zero point energy. Meditation has an internal place within our energy bodies to re-set energy and to create an equivalent zero point state. Powerfully, the meditator can energize thought with visualization. And, create laser focus and intention with that energy.

Energy of the Heart.

If you add emotion to your visualization, it gains power and momentum. Magnetic and electrical energy from the heart can be harnessed to help you make a profound shift. Because making decisions from the heart is powerful. Learning to focus that emotion to make a massive step forward toward your intended goal , whatever you visualize, is another step in your evolution as a meditator and visualizer.

Power of Prayer

Meditation is one way to access a type of zero point energy state. Prayer is another. Yet, for many, becoming still in your mind and speaking with your heart in a personal prayer is, unknowingly , meditation and visualization wrapped into one. By becoming connected to God through prayer and using your meditation practise to consolidate it, you can achieve another perspective and joyful application of this discipline. How you choose to view or combine it is a personal choice. Nonetheless, the power to open your heart and allow the guidance is just as essential as visualizing yourself in a desired state. Prayer might be one way to understand meditation. And, meditation and visualization , another way to translate a prayer.

Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer. Be enveloped by what you desire that your gladness be in it.

Excerpt and Quote from an Ancient Aramaic Bible re: The Power of Prayer
Gregg Braden’s The Power of Prayer video.

New Levels of Existence.

Your ability to imagine and to visualize is an expression of energy. We can move ourselves to a new level of existence through intention and feeling “as if ” during meditation. NASA scientists have already verified that this energy to visualize can shift our bodies to new states. Elite athletes tested showed improvements in their performance without physical practise. Yet, the energy of visualization activated nerves, muscles and recorded a memory as if the athlete had been there and had gained experience.

This zero point state in meditation is essential for carving out a new state of being. Through calming mind chatter, becoming still and more in tune with the body’s energy and thoughts, we can master our state and direct the energy towards creating phenomenal results. Not only with athletic performance but in healing and transforming our state of well-being by re-directing our stress energy.

Solving complex problems through meditation.

The rules that govern quantum mechanics are “different” from other areas of physics. Energy behaviour patterns are less predictable and less continuous than classic physics. Physicists as a result are faced with an academic challenge that bends the imagination and the very laws that dictate outcomes. Yet, Einstein used his thought experiments and his imagination to solve incredibly complex problems. From his descriptions, his imagination interacted with time and space to observe and resolve what others failed to solve.

No one except you will realize how powerful combining meditation with visualization really is. To some who aren’t ready for the concept, it might seem radical or fluffy, new age. And, yet there will be many who will perceive that there is something unique about you when they start to see results. Maybe you will be able to remember things easily because you have invested in meditation and visualization? And, maybe you are reaping the benefits of developing a sharper mental focus? Maybe, it is possible to break through limiting beliefs about aging?

The gift of moving beyond personal limits belongs to anyone who dares to attempt. Find your zero point state and use it to create incredible results.


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