Guided vs Free-Fall Meditation.

rock climber hanging by a rope, steep rock face illustrate approach to meditation.

Meditation is a personal process. There are many approaches to learning this discipline but what appears to be the most natural for you will give you the confidence to explore new layers of experience. This is also true for visualization. Combining meditation with visualization hones mental focus and inner visual acuity. This layer of experience, similarly, requires a natural approach. Maybe it is easiest for you to see when you remember an object, a colour, a smell or just add an old memory to bring an image to life? Trusting the process and what can or cannot initially be seen with your inner eye will lead you to take the next logical steps in your daily practise.

Your capacity to choose the way that fits best with your natural talents and abilities will make it possible to accelerate your growth in both disciplines. Use both guided and free-fall meditation sessions to learn what works best for you and what gives you the best results. Here are just a few of the pros and cons of both.

Guided Meditation sessions.

A guided meditation is a powerful way to hone your ability to visualize. Listening to steps while relaxing your body takes practise. Often we get distracted and are unable to focus. A guided meditation teaches you an approach in the beginning which can be useful and freeing.

A guided session also allows you to completely relax, drift and then, focus on images without being aware of timing or steps. It gives you the freedom to fully let go and immerse yourself in the meditation and visualization process. You gain the opportunity to go deeper into a meditative state. There are no steps to recall, no exact timing to consider nor is there a need to restart a session because you have drifted off to sleep or have forgotten where you were.

Find what works best for you. Test different approaches, different types of background music or even vary the types of images and scenarios pictured. A combination of these will enable healing and transformative results. And, has the potential to trigger a shift in your physiology through a sequence of expected steps. Personalization will allow deeper results. Repetition, like lifting weights will make it possible to become more skilled and more likely to create the results you are wanting.

Free-fall meditation sessions.

To learn to relax your own body with methods that are most natural to you will create a positive foundation to meditate and visualize. Not all guided meditations will feel natural and your resistance in the beginning might disrupt the session. You might find yourself distracted and impatient with the pace or the steps.

Creative visualization is just that, very creative. If you are the creator of the experience, the images and the outcome, it changes the entire feeling of the session. The challenge though, will be in finding the right “therapeutic” music and establishing the time frame and outcome. While you are able to create a session to meet your own purpose, it is possible these sessions will not be consistent. Images will be more powerful and personalized. And, along the way you can tether them to memories and your own unique personal experience. Free-fall sessions can be very empowering and meaningful. They can enable you to focus on what you personally want to concentrate on to clear out personal energy blocks, old habits and heal.

Sessions can be extended or shortened to suit your lifestyle. Just as a custom tailored suit works with your body for a perfect fit, the free-fall adjusts to your mood, your needs and your lifestyle. Regular visits to free-fall sessions strengthens your resolve to move forward.

A little of both builds mastery.

Over time your skills will improve. It makes sense to try new approaches to meditation and visualization to expand your understanding. Learning how others approach a session, the sound that best induces a relaxed state plus your own free-fall experiences will help you gain mastery. But, this is a life-long learning process. What works for you now, will shift. And, other elements and more layers of understanding and experience will change your sessions.

Meditation and visualization are gifts to the human experience. They are both incredible skills you can use to empower yourself to be your best version. They both will keep your mind sharp and expand your everyday experiences on levels you can not even calculate.

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