Timelines and Visualization.

quantum time depiction.

When you close your eyes, where do you go when you visualize? Are you in another time and space or does your imagination picture a desired state already achieved and automatically cause you to switch time lines?

The thought that you are literally transporting yourself to another state and time using your imagination seems mind-blowing. But, physics does prove that what we perceive and focus our attention on does influence the observed outcome. And, with amazing accuracy, your imagination can perceive details and experience this new state as if it were in present tense.

Placing your attention on a desired outcome can shift you from where you are now to another timeline where that desired outcome has already been achieved. By focusing on “as if” your physiology has the potential to shift, as well, using visualization techniques to these new states of being. Using visualization to heal, strengthen and accelerate and transform athletic performance may seem beyond nature but the science is there to suggest that empowered shifts in perception may catalyze impossible results. This could mean faster recovery, faster healing, changes in our state of being such as vitality, energy levels and even, your ability to concentrate might be encouraged with regular meditation and visualization sessions.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

Visualization is a unique physics experiment in your own mind. If you consider that on a quantum level, an electron can move from one orbit to another by absorbing or emitting light, your thoughts illuminated with light can assist you in jumping from one state [orbit] to another. Just by mastering your imagination, you have the potential to shift your life in incredible ways. This extends to jumping time lines and creating a new version of you with your focused visualization to accelerate results.

None of this is possible without practise and a little visualization self-mastery. Once you learn to powerfully visualize states and desired results, you just need to watch yourself achieve them. Practise short sessions meditating and visualizing a desired state. Let daydreams become your playground for achieving results without physical effort. While you can expect a lag time between your inner imagined state and physical results , there are no guarantees how quickly you will get results or if you will see them as a new visualizer. However, there is comfort knowing that consistent sessions have the potential to activate a positive change in your physiology.

Despite it’s inherent weakness [consistency] and link to an individual’s ability to visualize, visualization is the perfect pastime sport for positively influencing your recovery and easing the stress of being “immobilized” by an accidental fall. Switching time lines to a healthy, strong and healed state, might change the way you feel about your injuries and move you toward taking an empowered approach to your recovery path. But, the idea that your own God-given imagination is such a powerful medium might challenge your beliefs about what is possible for you or for someone your age with your set of injuries. Until you experience a result for yourself, it will seem like an impossible task. But, if you do see an amazing result, then expect to feel empowered and connected to something more powerful than yourself because of it.

You are in control of what you wish to imagine and create. Let the power of your own mind change the way you perceive and create in another time and space. Over a hundred years ago Einstein was a master of his imagination. He changed the way we perceive the world and live in it. You, too, can change how you live and perceive using the power of your own imagination.


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