Child’s play: Imagining in layers.

City with layers of focus and distortion.

The pictures inside your mind’s eye are personalized. Each one is inspired by your natural gifts and made recognizable by how you assemble images.

We all have been given a gift of imagination. Imagination can transform, heal and move us to create exceptional athletic performance. But what makes this so very interesting is that there are many layers of imagining. And, that our natural talents can create doorways that can be used to anchor and embed a desired outcome.

You can create and visualize on so many levels.

The inner artist.

If you are artistic, you might play with colours, colour gradients, shadows and absence of colour to visualize. It will be easy for you to picture shades of colour, recall images by colour memory and imagine anything in black and white like a photographic negative.

The inner mathematician.

A passion for numbers pared with spatial acuity might help you to visualize a goal, events and images like geometric puzzle pieces. You can imagine each shape snapping into place elegantly as a planning tool, as a storyteller, as a script writer/novelist, and as a natural physicist. Numbered pieces might guide your steps, help you to discern measurements and help you visualize distance. You might number and see different time lines play out. And, imagine time counting down or up .

Natural storytellers.

Your love of stories might inspire you to visualize a goal or recall images in snapshots like movie scenes. Details sharp, Acts 1-3 observed brilliantly as if you are both telling the story and observing it in your own inner movie theatre. How amazing is that!


For those who easily see images in their mind triggered by words, you will find the images and the words that resonate with you will have a lot of emotional and sentimental value. It will be naturally easy for you to use words to remember things and to imagine a desired result; the whole story of it in fact, with just a few key “power” words.

Intuitive imagineers.

Intuitive’s might sense how something feels as they see it in their mind’s eye. Since everything is and has energy, anything imagined will create an energy or vibe. Imagining to intuitive imagineers might mean using a memory or creating a new imprint for what that energy already feels like to have achieved a desired state.

Energy of imagining.

Flooding your body with light energy and projecting that light outward like energetic pulses with an imagined intention can be another avenue to create results with visualization. And, this energy can be created with words, colour, emotion, a story [ like a Jedi], mathematically and by using sound. So, this means no matter what type of natural style and skill you have, it is possible to explore visualization in many avenues and layers of experience.

You are unique and have natural gifts. Use them to visualize and explore how you imagine in many layers. By tapping into your natural gifts the ability to shift, transform, heal and create exceptional results will be more apparent. Time lines for creating results will rely on your openness, beliefs about what is possible and your natural talents/self-mastery.

Your potential is unlimited!

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