Shifting Athletic Performance with “Remembered practise”.

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Every person who has trained to be faster, stronger and to extend their endurance might think of previous events or sessions where they were on their mark. Or, they might recall those times when they lost their edge. Both of these memories are invaluable tools for shifting athletic performance.

But it isn’t quite what you might think. NASA scientists have proven that visualization has the potential to shift physiology. Scientists monitored athletes that visualized an event [where they saw themselves excel and improve their athletic performance]. They discovered that visualizers were able to produce results without physical practise. And, that the events that they imagined were stored as “remembered practise” as if these events had actually occurred. In other words, your imagination has the power to create memories as if events were real and produce real results as if physical practise had already taken place.

“Remembered practise” changes our definition of high performance and re-defines self mastery.

Where this gets supremely interesting is where this technique can be used to break through perceived limits, to become faster, stronger and to re-define human potential. Incredible endurance, abilities and breaking records becomes “envisioned” first before these athletic achievements are made real. The science of visualization applies to anyone, at any age and works for anyone in any sport. It all depends on your ability to visualize. And, that in itself leads to another level of self mastery.

While training makes it real, visualization makes it a completed event; something already achieved. Our mind’s eye is very powerful. What we perceive has the potential to become encoded in the mind as memory whether we are using our intention to excel or recover from an injury/illness. And, our expected athletic performance is charged by belief of what is possible for us. But limits can “shifted” by visualization techniques, techniques scientists have already documented as being capable of changing physiology and outcomes in performance. Beliefs may lower the gate of performance. Visualization can raise it and move you to a new level of performance … if you allow it.

Recovery from an injury is equivalent to athletic performance.

It is possible to use this high performance technique as part of one’s rehabilitation post accidental fall. Being immobilized from an injury can be depressing to a very active person and might cause someone to feel fearful about their recovery. Visualization is an interesting psychological tool that also holds the scientific potential to influence your healing path. Just as the visualized practise can change our physiology, it is possible using these techniques to influence and transform your rate of recovery, your healing regardless of age and to restore your vitality and athletic performance. This might sound outrageous to some people who believe that the body responds to treatments according to age and state of health. But there is also scientific proof that these perceived limits can be altered through visualization.

The path to your greatest version is paved with intention and discipline. But could your athletic performance be shifted dramatically by what you envision for yourself? Visualization is an incredible tool that science honors as being potentially game changing. Remembered practise hinges on our ability to envision our personal best in a new way. Not within restrictive limits, but by being open to incredible potential that we have yet to realize.

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