Mineralization and Consciousness.

Heart schematic with electronic points in body.

To rise in consciousness to the level of the thing desired and to remain there until such level becomes your nature is the way of all seeming miracles.” Neville Goddard.

We are physical beings, spiritual beings and bio-electrical beings that can produce an energy field. But what about our consciousness? Is this not part of our electrical field and bio-magnetic field? and, can it be enhanced and expanded through adding minerals to a diet?

Minerals are essential for creating energy in our physical and bio-electrical being. The movement of salt in and out of cell membranes for instance, generates an electrical gradient. Cells “breathe” using this gradient and the body is able to use minerals such as calcium to contract muscles and send nerve impulses throughout the body. Other trace and essential minerals ignite, combine and catalyze reactions that allow the body to rebuild itself, to move, absorb nutrients, metabolize and to eliminate waste. I am certain there are many more functions elegantly linked with minerals. But what I am suggesting is that minerals along with other nutrients in food are the powerhouse that the body needs to thrive.

The body also generates bio-magnetic energy. The beating of the heart creates a bio-magnetic field of energy that is much more powerful [ 5000x stronger] than the mind. in other words, the heart energetically can overpower and direct the mind and consciousness. Making heart-felt decisions goes beyond our understanding when we think about the heart’s energy. And maybe, the heart is the brain, the centre of our conscious being just as the ancient philosopher Aristotle once proposed?

If we think about minerals as building blocks and the power of the heart it makes sense that we can raise our energy state, become more powerful or lower our energy depending on how we choose to feel emotionally about something and by what minerals we lack. Finding different combinations of minerals to consume to create different energy levels and states of consciousness is an interesting idea. But isn’t just being present and being a good meditator enough to expand consciousness? Do we really need to consume more mineral rich foods to really move forward with our skill in meditation? to become enlightened?

I would argue that being depleted in an essential mineral can block energy production, meddle with your energetic and bio-magnetic fields. Have you ever tried to light a damp sparkler? Sparklers, at least what I remember from Halloween parties as a very young girl, are small wands saturated in a metal such as a magnesium salt. When you light them with a match they send out sparks of light. If sparklers become damp or lose some of their metal coating, they spark poorly and fizzle out. Have you ever had a hard time focusing on a task or remembering something in exact detail? Maybe it’s time to consider adding more minerals to your diet?

Are low concentrations of minerals in our bodies then, responsible for fogging up, not just our minds, but our consciousness ?

The best way to test this is to experiment by adding nutrient dense foods to your diet. These are foods that have higher concentrations of minerals and trace minerals in them. Nuts and seeds, berries and leafy green vegetables [ especially the stalk portion that is closest to the ground] are just a few examples of mineral rich foods. Over time, notice changes to your energy, your memory, your ability to focus and your vitality in general.

Igniting a change in your awareness and consciousness through minerals is an interesting tactic. So is following your heart, being more present, focused, mentally sharp and having energy [vitality]. These are precious gifts at any age. While I can’t offer any proof other than I have experienced a change in my energy over the years by deliberately adding more nutrient dense foods to my diet, it is still an area many need to explore for themselves. Just as meditation needs practise to explore new regions of your self, adding more minerals to your diet might just, over time change your mind and your perception of what is possible. Maybe the road to enlightenment is paved with minerals?

Hello dear Lightspeed friends. Just a slight derailment due to a road cycling “event”. I am pleased to say there were no broken bones but I learned a lot about my “injured” self [again] and my faith. I also have a deeper appreciation for the emergency medicine team that helped stitch me back together. I admired them before but being on the receiving end of excellence changes a person. I will always be grateful.

Have a great week!

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